Kyber Requirements

There needs to be a set in stone Kyber requirement.

At the beginning of each GAC I do some math to determine how many matches I can afford to lose and still hit Kyber.

When GAC first came out you could lose 0 matches, or 1 match if you did about 2000 points worth of feats.

Shortly thereafter it became easier, I believe right around when ships were put back in. You could lose 1 match, 2 with feats.

With the first 3v3 GAC it became immensely easier. I believe it went up to losing 4 matches, or 5 with feats.

Now we're back to 5v5 GAC no ships and oh look we're back to having to be undefeated or lose 1 match with a ton of feats.

For reference my math for every round goes off getting a full clear every round with a good banner average.

For example in the current 5v5 a "good" round for me is 1900 points. 1440 from setting defense and clearing. And that is a 57.5 banner average.

So 12 matches with 1900 points a round is 22800.
12000 points from winning every match puts you at 34800.

So with 1900 banners a match and winning every match you need 700 points from feats to hit Kyber.

Take away 1 win and you need 1700 from feats, take away 2, 2700 from feats etc.

I will update this thread every GAC with my math until you guys can make a decision.

You guys need to decide exactly how hard Kyber is supposed to be to get to. And keep it that way.
Figure it out and stop changing it.
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