Separatist relic order for GAS

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Hey guys,
I'm getting all prepped up for the next time GAS appears.
My GR squad seems ready, so now I'm focusing on the Seps. Which is/are the most important ones to relic?
I'm guessing B1 for the dmg output and the target lock? Or B2/Magna for tanking?
Or Droideka for dmg, or Asajj for...?
You tell me!


  • Not Asajj for sure. Not B2. The others are fine. You probably need 2 of the 3 at high relics
  • B1 was the most important for me.
  • HK666
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    I barely managed at the level I'm at now- zg12 droideka and b2, r4 magna, r4 b1, g12 AV. The whole hours of rng attempts thing.

    I'd recommend doing what I did with a relic droideka as well. I think that'd cut a lot of the rng out.
  • B1 and Droideka seems to be the most reliable from the general consensus I have heard (I was a bit over prepared the second time around, R6 B1, R4 Droideka, R4 ventress, g12 magna and B2 and the event was fairly easy).
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