Why are mods locking still on joining GAC with no option to fix?

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So I clicked the other day to check the review. Behold! the review only lasted an hour or something and it joined me instead. My mods were all messed up and missing from a number of my main teams as I was trying to do the Ewok event. Otherwise I rarely move mods back and forth. I have no mods or a lot missing on JKR, Fives, some Nightsisters, Jedi Knight Revan and maybe others too.

Like what is the point in me even bothering participating?

How come this has not been fixed yet? There are a range of fixes one could use.

1. Territory Wars has a join period where one can leave and come back after switching mods. I would think this would be easy to implement with GAC, and it match making is done when the join period is over.

2. Warning message asking if you are sure you would like to join and mentioning how your current settings of gear, and mods will be locked.

3. Mods and characters locking at the end of the join period, and not before.

These are just a few options. How come nothing has been done to address this yet, as it is a very big deal?
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  • Gifafi
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    fixed? It's WAI, unfortunately
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Gifafi wrote: »
    fixed? It's WAI, unfortunately

    Broken mechanics, and WAI should be mutually exclusive, but sadly isn't in this case. Going to report this as a bug anyway.
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