Having a much easier time in Arena lately.

Aside from my bouts of bad luck, Arena became much easier lately..
And I've done nothing to change my team.

I've climbed 200 ranks, and barely get attacked anymore.

For the past month, I'd move between rank 200-400 everyday, facing foes slightly higher lvld and starred than myself.

2 days ago I made it to 200 before going to sleep, and next day I was still at 200.
Went up to 150 the next, and I was back at 170 this morning.

That's a huge change, instead of dropping 200 ranks a day, I drop between 0-20.

Also, the average enemy now has FEWER stars and lvls than when I was at 400.

Seems 200-400 is a cluster to get through, but the top 100-200 seem weaker than the rest...


  • How old is your shard? I think a lot of older players have gotten bored and stopped playing or are on pause until new content comes out. Grabbing #1 has gotten a lot easier for me the past few weeks.
  • Nothing has changed for me in Arena for months.
  • Mstrdrgn1012
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    Starred in late January.

    Just reached 70 yesterday. (Tho my top toons are still at 65, save lumi at 69 for gear purposes)
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