Upcoming Changes to Feat Description

Hi Holotable Heroes,

As we experience the Grand Arena Championships on a regular schedule now, with a variety of changing feats, we recognize that there is some confusion about why some units are not being credited with a defeat in a few edge-case scenarios.

Here are the situations where the character-in-question will not get credited with a defeat:
  • The character-in-question assists, but the target was already defeated before that character is called to assist (we just keep the defeated unit there until all the assists play out). Note: if the character-in-question is the one to inflict the final damage, you will get feat credit.
  • The character-in-question puts a DOT or other damage-not-on-their-turn effect onto the target. If the target dies due to damage at the start of their turn, no feat credit is generated for the character who originally put them into that state.
  • The target defeats themself instead, due to how our system works. This includes Fives, Magnaguard, and most especially B1 Battle Droid. In these cases the character-in-question is not the one inflicting the final damage, but the target is.

See you on the Holotables!
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