RNG my ....

I'm a pretty laid back guy and overall I still like the game but this game can seriously bring out some rage in me!!

Was trying to use my last two Arena battles to get to the next tier up. I can normally finish there and the two teams were completely beatable/ordinary.

Dodge, Dodge, Dodge against them. On my team I get a OHKO by their Lumi on a maxed GS?! I think I landed 2 or 3 hits that match. Lumi wasnt even in lead, QGJ was. Their Sid was dodging my RP and GS let alone any Jedi.

Next round, Lumi and Dooku arent even in the arena. I am facing a Phasma, Kylo, Savage, FOTP, Darth team.

I counted 10 straight dodges!! I didnt land one hit on anybody for my first 10 turns. Meanwhile my team got shredded. How is somebody like FOTP dodging both a GS special AND the assist? Their Phasma got speed down on every member on my team, mine got it to stick on 2.

GW was pretty much the same today. Tons of dodges and enemy crits way higher than norm.

I was seriously ready to hurl my iPad across the room several times...


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    Earlier today I had an imperial guard dodge 9 times revive twice on kill, then again on daka heal.

    I also had a round where I diddnt get to act until I had one guy left due to dooku daka phasma shenanigans..

    Yesterday the enemy team has gs with fotp assist install kill, followed by qgj fotp assist install kill, then ig 86 with fotp assists is insta kill., then fotp just one rounded a 4th, So yeah I got one hit killed 4 times a row.

    **** happens
  • It's bad enough they dodge everything but on top of that it seems like the AI get more turns too. My sid doesn't dodge any Jedi attacks either any Jedi that attacks him lands there attack. I know it's just a game and fun for the most part but the advantage the AI have is ridiculous.
  • I think the changes that were made regarding dodge were only applied to RNG. Unfortunately their is radio silence from the devs on the subject. But I think it's safe to assume the dodge changes were not applied to player controlled teams.
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