Players Looking For Guilds - February 2020 *** READ RULES IN FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING ***


  • Ally Code: 628-257-925

    Mostly F2P

    Time Zone: CST
  • Zonder
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    Found one :) thanks
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  • Adina
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    Found a guild! Thanks!
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  • HighPriestTee
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    Ally code: 338-554-558
    Player level 55
    GP: 80k
    Average around 900-1000 squad arena
    No 7* yet, just started a month ago

    In a starter guild and it sucks! Hahaha! Just looking for an active guild to get started and farmed quick, make currency, and do raids at my level! I play everyday and am learning fast, currently leveling up Phoenix and have 100 shards of Thrawn and Palpatine so far. Only 4 weeks in!
  • Sepjs
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    Casual daily F2P player looking for guild to join. Around 335K GP at the moment. Contact me via Discord (Sepjs#0343).
  • Timer83
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    Already found a creat guild!!! Thanks everybody!
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  • Garth
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    Found one thank you
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  • MaxAttack
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  • FiveOh
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    Found, Thanks
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  • Looking for a decent active guild to join.

    Player Level: 85
    Ally Code: 536-532-346
    GP 1.18 mil
  • Ready for some Han shards! Casual daily F2P player since starting Jan 2020. First 7* today. Looking for more activity/involvement than starter guild. Most active evenings EST (play more than I should at work, too).

    * Ally-Code: 882432959
    * Link to
    * Galactic Power: 316,523
    * Character/Ship GP: 195k/122k
    * Player Level: 77
    * Number of 7*: 1
    * Number of 6*: 2
    * Number of 5*: 7
    * Average Arena Rank: 1200
    * Type of Play: F2P
    * Time-zone: EST
  • 97phoward
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    Found a guild, thanks.
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  • mikebtp
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    All good now, thanks for the interest
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  • GrumpKit24
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    Thanks All found a guild.
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  • Quixote
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    I found a guild!
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  • okeefechris83
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    Hi all! My name is Chris, I have been playing for roughly just over a year. I was initially F2P for the first 6 months but have taken this game vastly more seriously for the last about 8 months and have switched to P2P. Anyways, I play about 4-8 times per day based on working hours, but I always stay active, get free energy, checking everything. I actively participate in the raids and frequently rank in the top 3-5. Im looking for a very active guild that can help me grow my GP. Any questions email me at [email protected] Oh also I heavily use discord as I am very active in DOTA 2.

    Ally-Code: 463-248-232
    Link to
    (If no account, it would be helpful to list who your gear 12 or Relic characters are, or if you have a lot, say how many)
    Galactic Power: 801,825
    Character/Ship GP: 449,262/352,563
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*:20
    Average Arena Rank:1300
    Type of Play: P2P and F2P
    Time-zone: Eastern Standard Time
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  • DocFallujah
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    Link to
    Galactic Power:836,447
    Character/Ship GP:552,191/284,256
    Player Level:85
    Number of 7*:6
    Number of 6*:4
    Number of 5*:65
    Average Arena Rank:at 190 now
    Type of Play: (F2P, P2P, Dolphin, Whale)???
    Time-zone:CST USA
  • DrTibe
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    Worked like a charm in 5 mins. Thank you.

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  • Looking for a high end Geo TB guild.

    GP: 3.1m
    Got GAS and good GR/Sep teams for very good score contributions in both Geo TB's. I enjoy winning TW as well.

    Arena Rank: Floating between 51 to 105 depending on if I wake up on time for payout.

    Preferred raid times in Asian timezones or early GMT/CET since I live in Japan. Between 10:00 to 13:00 is preferred for GMT. Between 11:00 to 14:00 for CET. These are not hard requirements though.


    I can use Discord.

    PM me here if you have something.
  • Hello, I'm a player who loves this game, but haven't been able to play for about 6 months. I'll be able to play again sometime later this week. I play every day and am currently working towards getting Galactic Legend Rey I may not be the closest, but I am going to be laser focused on it and, hopefully, I'll get her in 2 1/2-3 1/2 months. I'm super involved in every aspect of the game and win 90%+ of my GAC. An amazing guild doing all the raids on Heroic and close to maxing out the Hoth TB would be perfect for me in helping me get to Galactic Legend Rey!
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 2.15 million
    Character: 1.3 million
    Ship GP: 829k
    Player Level: 85
    Number of 7*: 65
    Number of 6*: 16
    Number of 5*: 9
    Average Arena Rank: ~200 (I haven't been able to play for about 6 months)
    Type of Play: F2P
    Time-zone: Mountain Time-zone
  • GregDudeJr
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    All set.
    Thanks for all the invites.
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  • Ally-Code: 344-752-165
    Link to
    Galactic Power: 3.85m

    Looking for an active, elite guild. 25+ DSGeo. 10+ LSGeo. Preference is for a guild using Discord to roll out assignments for TB platoons/TW
  • Froggyogy
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    Thanks for all the offers! I really appreciated all of them but I have found a clan so there is no need to send anymore, thanks!
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  • New home found. Thanks all
  • Ally-Code: 334-114-763
    •Link to
    •Time-zone: GMT/EST (work shifts so can fit in with either)
    Message me here or preferably on Discord Chocco#4776
  • Guild found, thanks for all messages
  • DemonicPower
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    Guild Found
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  • BarokDoon
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    Found a guild, thank you for all the messages
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  • Looking for a guild: I am lvl 39 My ally code is 479-562-528 and am stuck in a starter guild wanting to get in a real guild
  • watchmelikeaboss
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    *** Found guild already. thanks all ***
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