My ladder: Skykrak, M, Bones, Stazari, Shimrra, Zach, Obi Pan



  • Shimrra wrote: »
    Sorry i don't have a software for chat actually. I'll try to install one (don't know wich one) and contact you if it's ok (and if i succed in this hard task !)

    Just download "line" for your phone
  • Ok i think it's ok just send you a message
  • I'm Thiago BR and I'm on this server.
    I'm recording battles against my fellow players.
    If you want to watch how is your team on defense, click
  • Good day! I apologize for the trouble. I found you through My name is Ka2, I'm from your arena. I see that some of the top players in the arena, including you, are not very happy that I go to the first place every day, although I don’t understand why. I play honestly, diligently and with pleasure, I actively develop. I try not to offend anyone in the arena and do not interfere with receiving prizes. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the time of each payout, then I use for this. Or if a player by his actions shows me when he has a payout, I then bypass him at this time side. I try to come to the first place for my time, as far as my work allows me, so that again, do not disturb anyone. I am a friendly person, so please excuse me if something is wrong. May the force be with you.
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