Who to farm in cantina store


Already have about 130/65 for ahsoka and 65/65 for Old Daka, I want to go for Padme eventually.


  • The great thing about cantina store farms is they are quite quick, so when you start working on a faction you can start the cantina farm then and it will be done by the time the slower farms are, so it depends which you want to get first, a nightsister or Padme team. If neither are priority, it might be worth considering the Hoth Scout just to get entry to the TB battles if you are doing Hoth and help your guild, or get Bistan for the U-wing if you are working on BH ships for a Rebel fleet. Basically it depends where you are going next, your separatists have quite a way to go, as do your galactic republic, so Ahsoka may not be a big priority until Padme is closer ahead, whereas nightsisters can serve a purpose at quite low gear. Beyond those 4 and Cassian's ship, I'm not sure there are many you don't have that are useful farms until you just get to the point of completing them for the sake of it.
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    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Hoth Scout, then Daka, then Ahsoka.

    Because your NS are not up & running yet really & neither is your Padme team.

    Where as, a 5* Scout can contribute to the Guild in TB.

  • Thank you for the advice all of you, I will probably get hoth scout to 5* for TB then finish Ahsoka first, since I currently have so much hard node farms that I barely have energy left to farm gear so I probably won't be farming Mother Talzin, Zombie or spirit anytime soon.

    Also I took a 1 year break twice so I'm hanging around 1500 and so I don't do any cantina refreshes unless I have enough left after 3 normal refreshes.
  • I wouldn't waste energy on Spirit.

    Red Energy has more high demand characters.

    There are other options you can use to fill in that 5th slot with when the time comes.

    And you've got LOTS of time really since the NS that is a MUST is Zombie IMHO.

    Daka, Assaj, & Initiate are all store farms that can be completed quickly while the game gives you an early Talia.

  • I do have tons of Talia shards, is she better than Initiate?
  • I do have tons of Talia shards, is she better than Initiate?


  • starting out, Talia is way better than spirit. She has a cleanse-heal. Spirit is great when you can get, but do the easy first.
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