Grevious team

I know about grevious nuke team but what other squads are good with him? Or is the nuke team really the only good one?


  • Separatist droid team - GG, Magnaguard, B1, B2 and Droideka
  • Jarvind
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    The "nuke team" is pretty much just a specialized arena team for beating Sith Empire. It's already mostly irrelevant on my shard as there are enough Padme, Shaak Ti and General Skywalker squads that it would be difficult to climb with. I wouldn't bother sinking a bunch of resources into T3-M4 for it at this point.

  • Ah I see thanks for the info you too!
  • Yeah, if you're using Grievous now go after the Separatist Droids. It's a great team and is versatile - you can use it on offense or defense and have success
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