Should I farm Rose?

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Memes aside,is she really worth anything?


  • She will probably be needed for gl Rey. Also everything the public has against her, she is not a bad character
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    IMO, only if you think she is needed for GL Rey. With all the other Resistance characters you could make two teams and still not use her.
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  • Farm everything.

    That’s the best advice I can offer

    Best advice
  • Gifafi
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    Memes aside,is she really worth anything?

    not at "level 40"
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • TVF
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    Gifafi wrote: »
    Memes aside,is she really worth anything?

    not at "level 40"

    Your use of quotes makes me suspect a typo.

    EDIT: Read this thread before other thread.
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  • She’s good. A solid add to a Finn-led team.

    The old Finn won by abusing exposes to ensure you got infinite turns. The new Finn wins by abusing exposes to keep his and Rose’s stuns on constant cooldown so you can stunlock the entire enemy team. The rest of the team is Poe, Trooper, and Pilot.

    This leaves you with Rey, Rey, Holdo, BB-8, and R2 for a second team (and a superior team—but two strong teams is better than one) which is formidable. You could put C3-P0 in there, too, but he’s much better in a Luke team.
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  • I have a zeta g12.5 rose, holding off that final piece as will be painful, its truely one zeta I would love back. Even with the zeta trooper is far superior, but didn’t re-zeta finn, like the guy above suggestion.
    But as she is in a couple of the movies and a lot of people have neglected her, its almost a given she will be needed.
    And at relic 5, I’m sure her damage would improve a lot
  • Farm? Yes.
    Gear? Not yet.
  • Why wouldn’t your 3PO be on your Padme squad?
  • I use Rose on the regular. She's a solid unit and brings a lot of control to a JTR squad. Mine's at R2.
    Still not a he.
  • Range1974 wrote: »
    Why wouldn’t your 3PO be on your Padme squad?

    Because 3PO is so good that he could go anywhere. And any GR character can fill in the 5th spot for a Padmé squad especially on offense.

    Currently a lot of people use 3PO with CLS to kill G$. Since Shaak Ti got displaced from the Clone team she easily slots into the Padmé squad.
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    Yes 🥴
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