Need New Team Recommendation To Combat Hyperdrive Bundle

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Hi, Everyone,

I'm in need of a new arena team to just to keep above position 1000 because of the Hyperdrive Bundle teams running rampant in squad arena. As it stands, I just hit 85 last month and I've been balancing farming out Nihilus and Sion who've needed *levels for about four months now.
I just got CLS and I'm working on him to be viable in arena, as well as planning ahead to get JKR for that awesome Jedi team, Event Chewie, and Raid Han for CLS but I need something for the now.
Based on what I have, what do you all recommend?


  • Switcheroo
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    I'm sorry man but I don't think you can catch up to Hyperdrive Bundle buyers. They are just too far ahead and will always get more crystals than you and stay ahead.

    I would suggest to focus on something else than arena. For now I would run Empire/Sith: Palp (L), DBastilla, Vader, + maybe Tarkin and Dooku. Eventually get Sion and Nihilus up. That's a decent team and you're ready for when you get Traya and/or DRevan.

    Oh and start putting Zetas on them...
  • TVF
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    Switcheroo wrote: »
    I'm sorry man but I don't think you can catch up to Hyperdrive Bundle buyers. They are just too far ahead and will always get more crystals than you and stay ahead.

    Ignore this part of the post OP. You can catch up over time.
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  • Jbnf
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    Unfortunately, the very nature of the game is that if you want something *now*, especially if it's one of the best or most desirable characters, you will need to shell out some money to get them. If you're wanting to stay competitive with players who purchased the Hyperdrive bundle, you will need to be patient.

    The above advice of going Empire/Sith into Traya or DRev is probably your best bet right now as an EP team is very easy to build up into something effective, and only requires one zeta to be competitive.

    My advice is, if you haven't already, find yourself a guild with HPit and HAAT on farm at the very least, ideally one where you can leach HSR as well. Raids are a great source of gear and Han, GK, and Traya all remain important characters today, even if not to the extent they used to be (in Han and Traya's case).

    Regarding CLS, Rebels are currently a rather tricky team to run in arena. If you're going against JKR, let alone DR or any of the other top tier teams, you need Han, Chewie, and 3P0 to stand a chance. You're also going to need a really fast CLS too. They're my arena team and I can usually finish top 50, or at least 100, but you'll need much better mods than you would if you used a better team. You certainly can beat Traya, JKR, DR, GG Sep Droids, and even Padme (by far the hardest of those matchups if Padme's unique is zetaed) but there are easier teams to acquire that perform better.

    E: I would zeta EP Lead and run EP, Vader, BSF, Dooku, and one of Thrawn, Nihilus, or Sion. Gear those last three up and eventually swap Dooku out for one of the others. Of those toons, BSF, Nihilus, and especially Sion have really beneficial zetas. EP unique isn't bad if you want to use him more long term but you can certainly do without. Just zetaing EP lead will help you climb way higher than Nihilus lead will.
  • Shadowscream
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    With what you currently have — zEP lead with BSF (get her starred up), Vader, Thrawn and Dooku/Tarkin.

    BSF supercharges EP especially once she’s Zeta’d and 7*. The other advantage here is that she will also fit with Darth Revan in the future....

    The idea with EP, Bastilla Fallen and Dooku is to spread shock everywhere and tons of debuffs for Vader to Cull. Thrawn can Control with Fracture and provide protection recovery.

    —> Longer term the easiest team to build for Arena is probably Padme + GRepublic. You need Separatists to unlock her. My suggestion would be Nute lead, with B2 + Sun Fac, Spy and Soldier. (This gives the 3 Geo pilots for Fleet their ships!). Longer term you will want a full Geo Squad as well as Separatist droids.
    Personally I used Nute (lead), B2 (Control/dispel) Sun Fac (Tank), Spy (Damage), and Ventress (Damage, Dispel, Stun)

    Going with Padme - you need JKA and GK (HAAT raid) + 2 other GRepublic. Most commonly Ahsoka and one out of C3PO/GMY/R2

    —> Padme does need her Zetas to work well. But in terms of “countering metas“ her team and a Relic’d GG Nuke team are the best options currently.
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