Yet another what should I do next thread..

Like the title says, I need some advice on what to do next.
I am a FTP player who has been around since late 2016.

My guild is struggling a bit so I don't have treya and won't be getting her anytime soon. (no I don't want to switch guilds right now)

I am finishing up getting Malak to 7* and now that I got GBA to 7* this morning I was planning on working on a 5th Sith Empire toon to round out that squad.

The problem that I have is that I have lots of squads that are good, but very few toons at G12 much less 13. I only have 1 reliced toon (JKR).

Obviously I need to get one of my squads reliced, but which one? Which toons do I start with? I think that I am too far from either of the new legends to waste time on them now, but maybe I am wrong.

My roster is at

Thanks in advance, I appreciate your help!


  • Sith Empire Trooper is missing from your arena squad. He is supposed to absorb damage. That may be a good place to start. Depending on if you like arena, go with your Sith Empire team. It would help you climb a bit higher, maybe break into the 100s.
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    First thing first (and I wonder why your guild is struggling with heroic STR, just the handful of profiles you have on should handle very nearly half the raid if not a little better.) is getting to earning traya shards - not even for the character herself (though she is very, very good), but for the gear rewards. The top 10 places in particular (and you look easily suited to get that position, if not top 3) give a lot of high value gear that it just takes a long time to grind out of nodes otherwise.

    So get with your guildmates and decide go is going to focus what (4 relic Finn Under JTR lead teams can clear phase 1 easily), even mediocre JKR teams can auto 8-12% of P2 easily. Either a JKA under Nightsister or Shaak ti clones (starting in late P2, a super solid team can finish the raid out) can solo p3, 2-3 Assajj teams can lead Nihilus in P4, and then itis just Zerg damage.

    (Side note there, has your guild considered trying to recruit any mercenary players to come in and help with the raid to push you over the top and get the rewards flowing into your coffers until you can handle it on your own?)

    Personally, if I was you, I would focus my attention on Galactic Republic. Your padme team is basically there already, and you could easily be using it to counter faster Darth Revans to climb in the arena (tricked out, it can handle General Skywalker too, but you might need your Darth Revan to get around JKR teams), that should improve your crystal income a bit. Your Shaak ti clones need the gear and a few zetas, but you have a solid base for them (and if you are using them in the raid, you are nearly guaranteed a top 3 finish, which helps both you and the guild!).

    Finishing out geos and working on your separatist droids would probably be the next major thing after that to stay well rounded and prepare for Geonosis Territory Battles.

    Ships wise... honestly, you are only missing one piece of the puzzle. Bistan’s U-wing with g11-12 pilots can take your home 1 fleet to the very top even amongst a sea of negotiator and malevolence fleets, that would be a very early and easy return on investment to start getting some serious crystal income going.

    Hope that helps!
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