Are you 3.5m+ gp and looking for a new guild?

Hi to anyone that reads this post.

I was the guild leader of the Nightsisters with Attitude, I stepped down due to work/ life/game balance.

I started my guild following a disasterous start to my swgoh life with the sole purpose of helping new players not make the mistakes I made. So from very small beginnings nearly 2 years ago I passed on the leadership to one of my officers when we first touched 100m. Not such a big deal I hear you say, but the vast majority of our members (up until say the past 6 months) joined us from low lvl and most are over 2m gp now and they all work extremely hard for each other.

The guild is focused on TB and TW since we are fully herioc. In TB we got 14 ds geo stars, we tried LS geo and got 5 (missed one by 1m) hoth we get 36 ds and 34 ls. We have a good record in TW with a great strategy and enthusiastic officers.

We don't ask for 600 although we like 500+ but most do 600 but we do know that it's not always possible due to RL.

The guild is relaxed, fun, hassle free but very competitive.

Atm I have a main and an alt in there but I need to pull 1 out as I don't have the time to play them fully. So I am looking for a direct like for like to replacement.

If you are 3.5m+ with a min of 3 hsith squads then drop me a message (preferably on discord majolnirg23#1170).

This is our guild where you can find both of my accounts listed

If you want to drop in on our discord server and have a look round, chat to our leader and officers then please do

Hopefully a like minded player will be interested in replacing one of my accounts, I can then semi retire it to a new guild I set up to put my alts and other members of our guild who have alts in to it, that guild also takes new accounts from new players or experienced players starting alts and it runs lower tier raids with no requirements.

Sorry for the long post but thanks for reading ((if you get this far lol) and I look forward to hearing from any player that would be interested.




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