145m GP guild looking for active recruits

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UWOL Mustafar is recruiting!

A proud member of the family who developed and continue to bring you the Planet Coruscant discord server, including the hSTR Project, and are currently involved in running the Guild Recruitment Discord Server (GRDS), we pride ourselves in our commitment to our members and the SWGoH community as a whole.

We’re a fun-loving, open minded group and are looking for around 1 to 5 chilled but enthusiastic and active new members to replace our brothers and sisters who are stepping back from the game.

We’re not super hardcore but we DO want to keep hitting all the guild events. This means we’re looking for:

- Daily play (doesn’t have to be 600 tix a day but we do ask for a 500 ticket daily average checked weekly. Exemption made for giving advance notice)
- Member GP starting at 2m (can be less depending on your current roster)
- Respectful to fellow swgoh players
- Build who you want, we encourage specific characters at times but do not demand
- TW participation if you join (non-mandatory but encouraged)
TB mandatory participation deployment at bare minimum.

What we’re offering:
- HSTR on farm
- DS geo TB double digit stars
- Shared knowledge and banter with our extended family, >500 players spread from the Americas to Australia, ranging from super casual to super hardcore
- Coordination through Discord
- Respectful and fun communication

The 12 guilds in our family cover a wide range of player levels and play styles so even if the above isn't exactly what you’re looking for we’re sure to find something suited to you.

Swing by our recruitment center for a relaxed, no-commitment chat

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