Shard Changing? When can we pay to win an Arena fight?



  • Exletion
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    Meh, even whales and krakens will say there are issues from CG and CG DOES have issues and talking about those issues isn't unwarranted, but complaining about the core idea that people who fund a game have an advantage, is so nonsensical to me. You get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing be happy you get anything.
  • Cls and padme are easy to develop counters to gas. GG nuke was an easily built counter to SE. Scoundrels countered revan.
    I promise you GL will be able to be countered.
  • Waqui
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    Its funny you go onto Youtube and everyone is moaning about the new Galactic legends and the massive pay wall in order to achieve it. You come to the SWGOH forums and its quite the opposite.

    "We love Whales and Krakens we need them"
    "Spending is also a strategy"

    Are you claiming, that choosing to spend isn't also a strategy?
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