Forest Moon (and similar 8 phase events) could use an overhaul

Hey, just some feedback having done all tiers upon release, 3-star, including the new challenge tiers.

I'm going to outline some questions and problems, and my potential solutions. Thanks for considering.

1) What is the point of 8 phases nowadays? It just seems like a waste of time, or a way to ensure the player is appropriately thinking about managing damage taken over time. The only thing it really does in Forest Moon, for example, is ensure I don't use Grievous and I have some method of healing beyond the special ability the event gives me. If it takes 15+ mins to complete, it's just not worth the time, particularly for what Challenge Tier 2 gives you. (Challenge Tier 1 is still the most worthwhile tier, with 2 zetas.) Instead, I suggest half -- 4 phases -- with ramping up damage / toughness of the enemies.

2) Why have filler phases that don't add anything new, don't ramp up in damage or toughness, don't really do anything except offer yet another way to chip away at the player health? For Forest Moon in particular, I would eliminate all the filler phases and do it something like this:

Phase 1: Scouts and Warriors
Phase 2: Mix in some Elders, make them all a little tougher OR do a little more damage
Phase 3: Teebo and Elders as is
Phase 4: full crew as is or maybe tougher and/or more damage

That way I still am discouraged from using something that can one-shot a whole level (like Grievous) or the one-shot just won't work, I still have to think about what I use and how I use it, and it only takes (potentially) half as long.

Thanks again for your time
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