Title Update 02/26/2020

Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s Title Update contains several bug fixes. The update has been rolling out over the last 24 hours and we plan to complete the deployment this afternoon. Once complete, we will notify you in this thread.

  • GENERAL - Character icons in the Journey Guide will no longer overlap on iPad Pro 12.9
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that could cause a frozen black screen after logging out of a Google Play account
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where ships could be invisible when selecting them for a Fleet Battle or when setting defenses in Grand Arena
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that caused the Notification Badge to be incorrectly displayed on the events panel
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue where player Fleet Squad GP was changing randomly upon refresh in the Fleet Arena and after restarting the game
  • GENERAL - Addressed a bug in Grand Arena Championship where the Fleet Battle victory screen was showing an incorrect amount of points when using a non 7star Capital Ship
  • GENERAL - Prevented the Mod Store inbox message from triggering a second time
  • GENERAL - Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause upgrading a character to fail when tapping the Upgrade button on the character details screen


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