New Alt account, need allies plz and ty!


New alt account.(main acct is 2.4m) Level 28 at the moment Looking for higher lvl allies to push through battles easier.
Working on seperatists and Galactic republic. Trying for a new start and skipping Phoenix this time and going for more of the new. So Seps/GR > then going for both revans, etc. Please feel free to add me to give a hand if you have the room, please and thank you!!!

If you have room in your guild for my alt whos going to put in tickets everyday and knows a fair amount about the game, please pm in game as well!


  • Everything he said same to me lol. Ally code: 387 769 532
  • Hey fellas, I see this is a rather old post mixed with a kinda more recent reply, thought I'd give it a shot anyways, always willing to help newer players =) ... if you still need an ally for battles, here's my ally code: 515-713-278
    • Light: r4 g13 Raid zHan
    • Dark: r5 g13 zGG
    • Cantina: g12 zzOGChewy, I might swap to r4 g13 Padme yet I always think Chewy's guard just seems valuable on lower toons with lower level players

    I'm always curious why you'd look for another guild with an Alt account, wouldn't you just plug in to your original guild? Well, if you are still looking for a guild, we recently purged our inactive players several days ago. we're not a super high GP guild, we seem to teeter around the 60-65M GP. Of course, lookin to find members that are laid back yet consistent enough to grow their rosters. I'm more on the competitive side so I'm grinding away.
    • Raids, we currently run HPit, HAAT, T6 Sith (workin towards Heroic, we do run a T5 after 3 or 4 T6s)
    • Territory Battle (LS/DS Hoth), we complete 21-24 stars, both enough for GETII tokens
    • Territory War, after not war'n for almost a year (key members left and we were rebuilding), our record so far is 7-2, two of which were full clears
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