Team Synergy - Bonus / Negative Effect

Dear EA / CG (@EA_Jesse)

As I think about Star Wars there's always factions that are working together for a common effort. If you think back to the books whether it's the Empire chasing the Rebels, Bounty Hunters (scoundrels) chasing Han, etc., there's a common effort. Arena has devolved into just cherry-picking the highest damage characters regardless of team synergy. I mentioned in another post where I played a TCG and there are similarities between that game and this game. In the TCG there were team synergies and benefits to using characters within the team, the deck would work much better if the characters were of the same team. However, it was possible to combine different teams or include one-off characters for some benefit. BUT, there was a card in the game called "Betrayal" that would automatically knock-out one character if two or more different teams existed on the field. I think it would be cool to have some kind of team synergy bonus (e.g. 4 or 5 Jedi on a team get 10% Offense Up) and some kind of negative effect to cherry picking characters (e.g. 3 or more non-same team members like 1 Jedi, 1 Sith, 1 Scoundrel, 2 Droid get -10% Evasion).

Best Regards - J


  • Remember that this game is still fairly new. It's obvious they are still creating characters to fill the massive holes in which Teams can be built with such synergies. The bonus is the positive effect, the negetive would more be just not having a synergy bonus. Perhaps instead of a straight up penalty for mixed groups, some characters may have that "Ability" to have an affect such as the betrayal you mentioned. Mixed groups shouldn't be overtly penalized, but have a certain lacking of such synergy and risk of a one off character taking a seat or backstabing a group member. Who knows, I'm sure in time, these kinds of things will become more available as the game grows.
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