Game crashes

During this current GA I've had at least one match where the buttons disappear and the game crashes. While I've had this happen to me on rare occasions in the past, it has seemed to become an ever more increasing problem. Especially in a game mode when you have a specific strategy in place and losing one battle generally will cost you the match. For those of you that are going to tell me it's my device or internet connection, I'm playing on a brand new phone with a good connection. Just want to know if more people are running into this more frequently.


  • Every matchup this round it has happened to me during at least one battle. Twice during the second matchup.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Network connectivity only matters at the start and end of a battle.

    Things that.might help:
    * kill all other apps running on your phone before battling
    * re-start your SWGoH app before battling
    * re-start your phone before battling (only try this if the previous two are ineffective)
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