Do something about how many times you can get attacked in a certain matter of time?

If you are both fortunate and unfortunate enough to be in a server like mine, where you find identical teams in the top 10 as you do all the way back around 150ish, you know how much it can suck to head to work being ranked top 30, and then get back home and you are ranked 162. Nearly every single day this happens on this server.

How is there not some sort of cool down when you get attacked in arena? If the AI were smarter it wouldn't be needed nearly as bad as it is now. But when you and another team can sit there and attack each other without fail over and over again and not lose, it gets stupid.

It makes ZERO sense to not have some kind of cool down/immunity after getting attacked; whether successful or not.

Can we at least get something like a 15/30 minute immunity after you are attacked? Seems fair and I'm not sure how anyone wouldn't be for that? Considering that each person gets 5 attacks per day, if you made it 30 minute immunity, it still leaves the large majority of the day to be open for attacks. But also does at least something to prevent these massive rank swings daily.

Also, I've noticed with certain chars (Poe for example) the AI ALWAYS moves first if you have identical stats on him. A Poe vs Poe team will always come down to which Poe moves first being the winner. Seems something is wrong with the RNG with him at least.
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