Hi there! I'm fairly new to this game, and what I've noticed is that some players seem to have shields, white or purple ones. I noticed this with Phoenix squads but also on other toons, and if the whole group has them, it makes them literally unbeatable at my current level.

My question would be how would you get those shields for your own toons?

Thanks in advance!


  • Waqui
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    The light green bar is the protection bar. It's basically a second type of health. From gear level 7 and onwards you characters will gain more protection for each gear level. Modules / mods can also add protection.
  • To further clarify, the white segments represent Protection (shield) that your character has as part of their stats (from gear and/or mods); purple segments represent "bonus" Protection, which characters can gain during an encounter based on a whole range of active/passive abilities that certain toons possess (take a look at Zeb's "Honor Guard" ability for an example) :)
  • Kyno
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    Once you start getting higher gear levels your toons will have protection too.
  • Skies439
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    Once you're on the higher level, whatever that looks cool with Phoenix will be easily obliterated by any other team
  • Beaks
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    Once said character hits a gear lv (6to7) I think will give you Protection.


    White bar above green bar mean you have Protection.
    ( White bar Protection, Green bar Health. )


    Purple on your Protection bar mean a Ability grants you extra protection which is represented in purple.

    Also Blue bar is Turn Meter ( TM for short ) which speed represents.
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