So coronavirus

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So coronavirus is happening and some people are losing their mind over it for some reason. Universities, schools and businesses are being shut down temporarily, and most people are forced into quarantine by the government for minimum of 14 days and probably more if they are tested positive. So I decided to get back into the game after that rage quit (not that anyone reading this should care) just wanted to know how the staff are. Are you all working from home now too? Our business is making half of our team to work from home and here in canada its not as bad as the states or other places.
Is there any chance of giving us a full action packed month with lots of TB, TW, events going on?
It is pretty grim out there atm, the mall that I usually go to for shopping is now completely empty. Government doesn't want people to travel, or go to any enclosed spaces like theaters and ect.

It would be great to have more stuff to do for this month and next, things will probably get worse from now on.
Best of luck to all of you, let's hope we all live through this and get to play as jedi luke Skywalker.
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