GAC opponent mods - still showing you the live mods

Such a dumb, stupid design. This used to work. CG broke it with an "update."

You join GAC. Your mods/gear are locked. These are recorded in a database. You check out your opponents mods. You are fighting a beta pleb who removes all his mods after joining. You see those mods.

How is this an intelligent design? No GAC player wants to see the current mods of their opponents, they want to see the mod sets they will be facing. These data are available and should be pulled very easily with a small coding change (assuming the code and databases are in any way sensibly written/designed).

I don't need to answer the question. I lead with the answer. This is why I stopped reading the state of the galaxy. I don't care about your struggles with polygons or dumb packs or the fact you leave the obnoxious 85 on the home screen. I don't care that you're finally implementing something that we probably asked for a long time ago, something that I suspect was motivated by a planned feature in a very similar, much newer, much better-supported title. I haven't cared to spend in this game for the longest time. Bugs are not a priority for you. QOL is not a priority for you. WAI is not a priority for you - you just change the intent and call it a day.

And you did the same with TW mods and never fixed that either.

Golf. Clap. The state of your game, more like.
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