210 mil when full, TW 100/8, 5-7 spots opening

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It Binds All Things Aussie
185 mil GP (About 210mil full)

We currently have 5-7 spots available due to recent retirements, so small groups can be considered.

When full:
TB Hoth LS = 45* (Max Stars!)
TB Hoth DS = 46*
DS GEO = 27* (Very close to 28*)
LS GEO = 12*
30+ Wat shards.
Started on KAM shards
TW = 100 Wins / 8 Losses
Top 200 regularly

Fully Heroic
Fully Independent Australian Guild
Geo TB Focused
TW Focused

Guild Requirements:
- 3.5m+ GP (Lower considered if focused & active with a good arena rank)
- Both Revans Preferred
- Malak Preferred
-General Skywalker (ready or close to ready preferred)
- Solid separatists (Brood Alpha Geos / GG Droids / Nute / Dooku / Assajj)
- Solid Galactic Republic and Clones
- 600 tickets daily required.
- have as swgoh.gg account
- discord is a MUST, as we use this to coordinate for TW and TB
- Territory Battles participation is mandatory all battles and phase deployments
- Territory Wars participation is optional. Defence and attack is required if joining.

All times are based on Sydney Time (AEST/AEDT)
-Full heroic + 24 Hour Join Period
-HPIT = Sim Enabled
-HAAT = 8pm Free for All
-HSTR = 9pm Free for All

We’re looking for people who are active daily who enjoy striving to take their roster to the next level. We would be a great fit for anyone in or around Aussie timezone but all are welcome. While being competitive and very well organised, we maintain a friendly, helpful environment and understand that real life happens.

Hit me up on discord with your swgoh.gg account and we will go from there.
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