Question about best zetas

I have two zetas saved up and I’m wondering where I should put them; if I should continue developing teams that they would help, but don’t need, or start developing new better teams. Here is a link to my .gg


  • I’m thinking Bossk, GMY, or Palpatine for old characters, and for new teams possibly a Padme or Shaak Ti/ Clone team because I can finally farm Shaak.
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Bossk's second zeta is worth it if you use him enough however Palpatine's lead zeta transforms the Empire command squad and Yoda's unique zeta transforms him so both of those are no-brainers.
  • That's what I've heard, I just don't know how much I would use those. I don't use either squad for Squad Arena, for the most part, and I feel like they do fairly well in GA even without the zetas. Do you think that putting those on would be better than starting on another team?
  • Waqui
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    I would prioritize your arena team(s).
    Since you are using geos in squad arena you really should get that second zeta on GBA. If using jedi in arena, then yes, GMY's special zeta is great. Alternatively get the second zeta on Bossk to improve your HT for fleet arena.

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