SWGOH Farm List - Keep on track and complete characters effectively!

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Have you ever had any of these problems before?
- "I can't keep focused on a character/team cause there's so much to farm!"
- "I have no idea how many stun guns I need for this character/team"
- "I'm afraid to throw gear on someone else because someone more important might need it now / later"
- "I'm curious how many omegas I need for every character"
- "I'm curious how many MK 4 stun guns I can throw into relics, or what I should be using for relics instead."

Well, now I have the solution for you! introducing the "Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Farm List by AODRG". A spreadsheet for those who take this game too seriously
--->Click Here <----

This is a tool to help people keep organized and on track. This will tell you how much gear, ability mats, and credits you'll need to finish the characters you care about!
This is designed to be used by level 85 players, preferably players who have 3 starred all nodes, and have a decent guild that will provide raid gear regularly. However, those at low levels can use it, just be aware you may not be able to finish characters immediately.

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to magically peek into your SWGOH account through Google Sheets (that I am aware of), so everything will have to be filled in manually. Especially Mods.

Also, I have proofread it as best as 1 person can, but if you spot something off, let me know so I can fix it! If anyone is crazy enough like me to use it...
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