Geos into GG = No turns?

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I played my geos into GG in GAC and I got the opening move with the alpha, but after that I got no more turns. Its most likley working as intended but it does look strange. I had a couple of players in my guild also mention it so I figured I would post it here.

Battle starts at 16:25


  • flux_rono
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    its just how GG works. every time a target lock is hit gives them turn meter (2% each hit 4% for grievous) and every special gives b1 turn meter (15%) which allows him to get more debuffs out. and every defuff B2 applies gives out ever more turn meter (5% each).... plus grievous AoE removes turn meter making it worse.

    also bugs against him is not the best since Grievous is a AoE heavy team

    edit: so if b2 applied 6 buff immunities and hit all target locks possible (at 16:53) thats about 42-48% turnmeter for everyone and 54-58% turn meter for grievous (6 debuffs, 8 target locks hit [b1 assist)

    edit 2: i forgot dark side enemies also lose 5% turn meter when damaged by an attack when they have target lock... so that also doesnt help
  • Yea, if you ever want to use geos against GG, you need higher tenacity to resist the first few target locks...
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