We want "Leave GA" button

It is that simple: just add "Leave GA" button, like there is one for TB.
Please dont tell me rosters are locked when the time is over, because its not true. I just discovered I am already screwed, because when i joined some of my mods were unloaded from the relevant chars.


  • Or just dont join until you're ready?
  • Kyno
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    You are correct, they made the change a while back and roster lock happens when you join.

    They stated in the QA, they cannot add a leave button. When you join the matchmaking process begins and giving the option to leave would cause all kinds of issues with that.
  • How is that even possible?! The matchmaking process begins when u join? Absolutely insane. So the ones that join last have the greatest chance not to have an opponent, thus earn easy max banners in the first round?

    One more thing for the matchmaking itself. It has no sense whatsoever. Why: in the divisions we compete for final rewards as well. Often someone with way worse roster than me, someone who if we match together 10 times will lose 10 times (lets say i have malak and skywalker team and he has none) is in the top of my division. He takes my spot, my better rewards but i cannot be matched with him, cause his roster is such. If u care to look at the top spots of div.2 u will often see guys with rosters that will be an easy opponent even if they are in div.3. But they take top places and they take great rewards.
  • StarSon
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    Speak for yourself. "We" want a variety of things. A GAC leave button is not one of them.
  • Kyno
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    This is not the type of bracketing you are expecting. the style they are using is not a ladder to climb to the top, but matching winners and winners to get to a final result of "the best". yes you are not matched with lower GP players that are still in the same overall group as you. but they are also not matched with lower GP players that we in the same group. we are all matched within the main group, into smaller groups of similar GP (matchmaking GP). That is the system they chose to work within.

    How the full matchmaking process works has not been stated, only that part of the process starts when you join. Most likely players are grouped by the matchmaking GP and if a set can be made that meets all the criteria, they lock it in, because waiting wouldn't change that. It also gives them an other element of randomness that helps with keeping the system from giving repeat matches.
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