Best way not loosing to lower levels

My DB team are 60th level. But loose to level 40-58th level opponents very quickly ( like all my team are level 1)in the tournaments & the like. Why?


  • Rath_Tarr
    2863 posts Member
    Which tournaments and what squads?
  • Could be a lot things, without more detail it is hard to say. But level is only one of many factors that determine how good a squad is. Other ones being:

    Gear Level
    Ability Level
    Squad composition
  • I would say don't look at the level of the toons or the GP, look at the actual toons and the composition of the squads. A lot of teams can counter teams that have a much higher GP because of the kits they have!

    Focus of which teams counter others and try to build your gear as high as you can
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