Galactic Legends Criticism [MERGE]

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Some issues I’ve seen so far,

1. Rock Paper Scissors in T3 is complete luck with the same base strategy. Completely boring and unfair for day one spenders.

2. Reys face looks god awful and yet I’ve seen many posts of the artwork being praised. Like what is that?

3. It didn’t take 4 months to make this event. It’s completely lacklustre in quality & content.

4. You literally placed a paywall right after a paywall with the ticket system.

5. We’ve practically got no content in the past 4+ months.

6. Galactic Legend Rey is way stronger than galactic legend Kylo.

7. Galactic Legend tickets are completely out of pocket. Considering the amount needed paired with the drop rates.

8. Tiers 4-6 are literally the exact same battle.

9. Tier 6 gives 1 / 10 of the ability materials required to get the ultimate ability. This is just far too much investment at this point (700 tickets on a 100% success rate) although nobody will be able to achieve a success rate near that.

10. We had to g13 and relic up many characters just to use the same 5/6 in the whole event.

And lastly but most importantly,

11. These events had practically no iconic moments or cutscenes from the actual movie.

Tier 3 had a decent background of the two regions changing back and fourth.

Although that wasn’t nearly as iconic as scenes such as, Kylo vs Rey on the Death Star ruins, the infamous Han & Ben scene and the Rey vs Palpatine scene.

Even other scenes such as, Rey vs Darth Rey or Kylo vs Knights of Ren would’ve been amazing.

But no, it wasn’t implemented at all.

The Galactic Legends idea failed.
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  • SemiGod wrote: »
    Some issues I’ve seen so far,

    1. Rock Paper Scissors in T3 is complete luck with the same base strategy. Completely boring and unfair for day one spenders.

    2. Reys face looks god awful and yet I’ve seen many posts of the artwork being praised. Like what is that?

    3. Rey T1 is impossible.

    I beat T1 Rey 3rd try....that's right it cost me 45 tickets to beat it....
  • Same. I used JTR, Old zFinn, BB8, RT and 3PO
  • 4 months huh
  • Dagonsith
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    The biggest problem I personally have is the token system. Not that it exists but how we earn it. And that pure luck with drop rates. I can understand anl lot of the decisions that CG made (even if I'm not necessarily a fan of those) in trying to make it a longer term event but those tokens seem like a very bad idea. Tie it to the daily 600. Make it so that every level of galactic War gave some or even one. Making it rng dependent was just sh*tty.
  • JediRobb wrote: »
    ticket system is garbage. Such a horrible idea. Great way to ruin the fun this event could have brought.

    Seriously. Requiring folks to farm tickets just to attempt the tiers is not fun. Doubling the ticket cost for each tier is not fun. No one enjoys that. Plus folks are reporting that if you die your tickets are consumed. So 500-600 energy just for one attempt at tier 1 and all that energy is wasted if you lose. How is that fun? The requirements to unlock the event were ridiculous and expensive enough and now we have to deal with this ticket farming garbage on top of that? At least make it so your tickets aren’t consumed unless you win your attempt and increase the drop rate for the tickets. Or better yet remove the ticket requirement for all tiers below unlocking the master ability.

    Also why have folks spend money and time gearing and advancing relic levels on useless toons that can’t be used effectively to beat the event tiers?

    Garbage. Shows you really could care less about your player base, krakens like myself included.

    There hasn’t been anything fun in this game in a long time. Geo LS TB is one example of a mode I thought would be fun and it’s the opposite of fun. What I don’t get is why wouldn’t you want your game to be fun? It’s weird when people really don’t care about the quality of the product. It’s weirder when people still spend money on a garbage product knowing the company that makes it doesn’t care about the product and reviles their own customers.

    I think darksiders geo was the last of actual content, (I don't really count it as but it did give us akley battle otherwise its basically hoth with tones supped up) but yeah still waiting on the "new content"
  • I don't mind the fact that you have to collect tokens to play the events. However, I won't need to worry about that for 8 months or so.

    What completely has me annoyed is that you don't need to use the required toons. C3p0 seems to be a toon that those that can do the event are using. So add another toon to relic.
  • R2d2 as well...
  • Swgohnado just as bad as the movie
  • I should have Rey by tonight provided I get 180 more tickets.
  • Nauros
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    If the later tiers of this event are essentially more of the same as the first 3, then with the exception of the art team’s work on trying to push what’s a fairly outdated game engine for graphics etc, I will say that the imagination for these events from a gameplay standpoint is essentially stagnant. New character kits seem to be creative. This type of event on the other hand does not...

    The devs should consider a sticky thread in the same vein of thought as the one that asks guild officers what tools they’d like, except in this case, the title would be more along the lines of what type of event structure or gameplay mechanics would players like to see.

    That's assuming they care. Even the guild officer thread is just sitting there with no indication that it has any effect.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
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