4 months for this.

Honestly, I think it's bordering on shameful that rock, paper, scissors is the best they could come up with, and you have to play it 3 times per GL. No strategy, no fun, it's a mind-numbing waste of time for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

CG has milked every penny out of this, we've had to gear and relic some of the worst characters in the game, the gear for the GLs is ridiculous (though expected), along with gating the event using tickets with the usual appalling drop rates (yes, I went 20 battles for 1 ticket).

I say again, 4 months. For this.

If there was ever any doubt that they have anything other than a skeleton crew working on this game, let there be no further doubt. With 4 months to develop this, CG has achieved so very little.

I get everything first time, on release day, but I think this is the writing on the wall for many of the top supporters of this game. I can't see myself doing this again for another GL, honestly - what's the point?

Even Ahnald, who tries to find the silver lining on every cloud, couldn't defend this. It's indefensible. It's embarrassing.

They're out of ideas, and they've worked out how to get the maximum returns from a game well past its prime with the minimal number of staff working on it.
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