Possible Units From TFA and onwards (Movie Spoilers inside!)

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So now that we've seen the movie and know more about the characters and seen the new faces. Who would you like to appear in the game and what role? Including future character developments in 8 and 9.

Some I'd love to have are;

- Old Han Solo. Equipped with Chewies bowcaster.
- Riot Control Stormtrooper. Dark side tank with taunt and added defensive capabilities against lightsaber users.
- General Hux. Dark Side healer and support unit.
- Force Sensative/Padawan Rey. Light side attacker with battle meditation. (Which I'm certain she used against Kylo)
- Unmasked Kylo (Perhaps a better name, and yes I hate his face too). Dark Side unit with force stasis abilities, stun and a passive that allows his to evade blaster fire occasionally.
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