Guild For Low GP or New Players

If ur a newer player or just have lower GP, we are looking for players to join our guild!

Run Heroic Rancor n Tank n teir6 Sith Raid!

Are requirements👇🏽

*500 min daily Tickets
*Use Discord, better for communication
*Participation is a must
*Respect Guild Mates

We have plenty of room, so if it's two of u or ten No problem!

We run LS/DS Hoth/ Still need some more folks for TW!

We'll never tell u what n who to farm, but we definitely will help u build up ur roster, we have plenty of Vet players to help with any questions u might have! That's why we use Discord, tons of channels with helpful info!

If interested HMU on Discord or in game👇🏽

Ally Code: 785-452-767
Discord Handle:QueenMamaA#7246

Thanks! 😎🤙🏽
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