Knights of Exar recruitment

Hello all. I'm from the Knights of Exar (212 mill gp), a part of alliance guild known as Knights of the Nine. We have one spot available, and we are a top guild with great leadership, always improving, heading for all challenges and are a committed guild. We have a 97% win rate in TW, 27* DSGTB and doing 11* LSGTB as well, getting WAT shards and getting KAM shards. Summary of us below:

About us:

- Competitive guild in an alliance with other great guilds
- UK/EU and US players
- 45 & 48 stars in Hoth
27* DSGTB and 11* LSGTB with WAT and KAM shards

Raid times:
- HPIT simmed

- 600 tickets daily
- Discord
- 100% participation in TB and in TW if you sign up you must participate in attack and defence.
- dedicated players with focused roster above 3.5gp.

Check us out and join our recruitment server below:
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