Late Game Team Help :)

I just hit lvl 50 and have the lineup:

5* Chewy
4* Jedi Consular
4* Grand Moff
4* Luminara
and then either 3* Cad Bane,
4* Boba Fett or
4* Admiral Ackbar depending on the team need.

What should I work towards for late game? I also have
4* Veers
3* Talia
3* Savage Opress
3* Poe Dameron

Right now I was thinking either
(1) Continue with Boba or switch to Poe in Cantina Shipments
(2) Get Sidious to 7 stars from Arena Shipments (I almost have him unlocked)
(3) Get Luminary to 7 stars from Galactic wars
(4) Use Cantina missions to farm Jedi Consular to 7 stars
(5) Maybe continue farming Chewy? I like having a tank in the lineup, but maybe Poe Dameron is much better. Does anyone know?

Who else should I go for? The only character I know I'm taking to 7* is Luminary and probably Sidious/ Consular.


  • P.S. pardon the typos. I am getting some autocorrect for Luminara XD
  • If I were you ( I am in the same position) I would get Lumi Sid and JC all the way to 7*. Plenty of toons are hard to farm atm so my advice is to keep with the "free OP's", if I may say that. I like Boba and Ahsoka, and they are not that hard to get.I like Talia and she is 1 or 2 days from getting 5* and she is a beast. People say that 5-7* Ahsoka is pretty dem good. As for Chewy I find him useful in the Arena better than GW. I wouldn't farm him for now (that doesn't mean that you shouldn't - he is decent toon and he will do job to all of us for a time).And the last - Phasma - i am really impressed of her - highly recommended. She has pretty tanky stats and her spells do wanders in GW and PvE (In arena i still prefer Chewy for his taunt). But i prioritize Lumi over Phasma from GW, cuz Lumi is ... you know - AWESOME. I've heard that Poe is garbage,but haven't tried him yet. As for Savage - if you can farm him - do that, imo he is OP.
  • Awesome, thanks for the advice!

    I was thinking about Ahsoka over Boba, but I'd have to start from scratch and just unlocked Boba. May be better in the long run... I'm still not sure.

    I'll give Phasma another look. Probably will start the toon after I finish Luminara, since there aren't that many good options in GW.

    I can farm Savage over Sidious, but I hear Sidious is really good. Hopefully I'll get them both to 7*.

    I like Chewy too, he has carried my team really far and is great in GW.

    For the near future, I can work towards one of these layouts:

    7* Chewy
    7* Luminara
    7* Jedi Consular

    and then either
    7* Boba or 7* Ahsoka
    7*Sidious or 7* Savage Opress

    If anybody else has advice, I'd love to hear. I feel like my teams are lacking some synergy :(
  • You think Talia is THAT good? I stopped using her a while ago, but maybe I'm not giving her enough credit
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