I think I know what we gonna need for Luke

Looking at the galactic legends, I belive we gonna get jedi training Luke, not as a galactic legend but as an epic confrontation. Now put on ur tin foil hats we are in for a good ride.

Now being isolated at home I had nothing better to do but to REWATCH EVERY SINGLE STAR WARS movie, 1 in particular the return of jedi. I believe we are going to get JTL before we will get galactic legend luke, because after like half of the movie Luke goes back to yoda to finish his training and for yoda to basically tell him his not a jedi yet until he faces Vader(obviously it's more than that just keeping it short).
It will basically be a run down of Leia going in to save han with c3p0 and r2d2 and ending with the fight with boba fett.

We will need Leia as the bounty hunter, lando as the bounty hunter, OG chewy, raid han, C3P0, R2D2, probably will NOT need CLS since he would have lost his hand by this time,
For the dark side of it, we would by then have jaba the hutt, probably 3 bodyguards for jaba, and boba fett.

Now that would set up GL Jedi Luke and probably GL Darth Vader
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