JKR beats GLR


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    Hail to theory crafting

    But what's the point?
    You want have a toon which isn't beatable (even mirror match) and you're able to sit forever on rank 1?

    The ideal situation with GL's imo would've been:
    1) both GL's can beat each other
    2) both GL's can't be beaten by the "standard" old meta teams (GAS, SE, JKR, etc.) or just with a lot of luck
    3) both GL's can be beaten by some theory crafted mix team (meta chars filled with Wat, HY, Thrawn, etc.) however there's only a ~50% chance of success
    4) both GL's can solo the HSR

    We've yet to see how they perform with their ultimate abilities but so far I'm not impressed at all by Kylo. As of now it looks like CG has done a horrible job with the balance and testing but that's nothing new. If the power gap between Rey and Kylo aswell as the underperformance of Kylo vs older meta teams remains the same even with ultimates in play this is a huge bust for the competetive people who could/will only unlock one GL and went for Kylo.
    And CG had A LOT of time to balance test things. Can't remember exactly when they said it but it was definitely a while ago when they said smth along the lines of "the kits are mostly done, we just need to finalize them".
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