Newer Player Guilds Looking For Players - April 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are a NEWER PLAYER guild looking for players, post your ads here. A New Player guild is one that:
Is looking for players who are newer to the gamer
Should not really have minimum player level/GP and character requirements

No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.

Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.

Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.

Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.

Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your waitlist, more awesomeness, etc.

One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
Your guild name
Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
Anything else you feel is important for people to know
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  • Hey everyone! Let me introduce Malevolence Omega Padawans!

    We are a growing guild looking for active players of all shapes and sizes. This guild currently is targeted towards new players, hyper drive bundle players and alts of experienced players who want to grow with each other. We want to have active players that want to grow together. As part of a larger alliance, there are many experienced players that can help answer questions, give you ally codes to clear battles easier and put you on a path for your best experience in swgoh. We are working towards running heroics on a regular basis, but we just need more people to generate tickets!

    Message me through discord Darthducky#5397 or in game at 114-618-128 if you have any questions. Or join or discord directly with the link below if you’re interested. Looking forward to having you!
  • Uk starter guild: ‘beep beep boop’
    Welcoming every level player.
    Open 24/7 to offer gear, advice, ally’s.
    Need any level player as we will help you grow as best we can.
    Look forward to speaking to you
  • Hello there!

    I’m a recruiter for the Awakened Collective which is a group of six guilds of different levels. We all operate independently and help each other with membership needs. We started a new guild recently for heroic raids. If you’d like to join it is open! Search AwakenedMURDERBEARS! If you have any questions or would like to talk to our officers visit our recruiting server.
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    Hallo an alle Helden der Galaxy und welche die es werden wollen!

    Die Lichtschwertschwinger haben einen WING gegründet - Lichtschwertschwinger II.
    Alle die neu dabei sind und Spieler die wieder den Spaß am Spiel suchen, sind gern willkommen. Ihr werdet durch große Spieler unterstützt und habt die Chance auf Splitter des Heldenhaften (heroic) Raids.

    Was könnt ihr am Anfang am besten machen, wie kommt Ihr am besten voran und welche Teams bzw. Charaktere sind wirklich stark? Wir geben unser Wissen weiter und sind eins mit der Macht!

    Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

    PS: Eigener Discordserver ist natürlich auch am Start.

  • Vago_Keen
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    Council of Dark Elders (18.2 mil GP)
    Officer/Recruiter: Vago_Keen - Ally Code: 985-567-842
    Discord ID: tpedd87#1827
    Heroic Pit on Farm
    Normal Tank
    5 Star STR
    TB - 14 Star
    Casual guild looking for 5-6 more members preferably in the 250k-2mil GP range wanting to enjoy and learn endgame content. We have an active discord and want to help develop new players. All we ask is activity and join our discord! Ally me/message me on here for more info or join our Discord server:
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  • Ahch-to is a newly formed academy guild of The Republic. We are mainly composed of sub 1 mill gp players. Our goal is to guide young Padawan's in their journey through he universe. There are spots open to join our wonderful community to learn and have fun. We are part of The Republic alliance and have all the resources accompanied by The Republic which will help us progress.

    Guild Rules :
    Raid times are 8pm UTC/3PM EST
    Payout is at 11:30 pm UTC/05:00 EST
    600 Tix required
    Participation in Territory Battle and Territory War is a MUST
    - Active listening for instructions on discord.

    All riads start at 2000 UTC/1500 EST

    Ideal candidates will have:
    - Focusing On toons for TB special missions
    -Genuine love for the game and desire to progress

    All applicants must provide SWGOH profile and you will get a response ASAP.
    Discord: Grymsted#6044 Feel free to PM me on discord or join our server and ask for me at
  • UK starter guild
    Name ‘beep beep boop’

    We are a starter guild with a steadily increasing number of members of various different levels from high to low.

    We welcome players of every level ,we encourage lower levels to join and we will try our best to assist in any way, whether this be with gear, advice or allies.

    We will be running raids of various levels as soon as we gather more people.

    We look forward to meeting you!
  • Servants of Honor

    GP: 112 Million GP

    We are currently looking for more members for our guild. We are extremely active in discord which is a must for those interested. Our members span the globe, so anyone is welcome to join barring you meet requirements below. We hope to see and chat with you in the guild!!!

    Raids: Fully Heroic Guild
    Territory Battles: DS Geo 12* LS Geo 5*
    Territory Wars: >95% Win rate
    REQUIREMENTS: 1.5 Million GP, join Discord, 600 Raid tickets daily, and active in TB/TW.

    My ally code: 386-926-741 Message for invite

    Looking forward to seeing you in the Guild!!!!

    ET Jokerz
  • Growing UK guild!
    Name ‘beep beep boop’

    - active players of various levels all willing to help or talk.

    - frequent guild raids of different levels.

    - welcoming any levels, lower levels encouraged to join.

    - welcoming atmosphere.

    We look forward to meeting you!



    We aren't interested in a merger, but thanks for considering us.

    We are a new guild, actively looking for 30 players ASAP

    Add us in game:

    Vault523 | 195-925-212

    CharlesNanbread | 365-335-331

    Chas68 | 923-632-897

    Or you can join our Discord

    We only ask for 600 tickets a day!

    Any GP after level 60 Considered!

    Check out this post for the rest of our rules etc:
  • ComeJoinMe
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    Guild Name: JustHaveFunGuys
    No pressure, just be active and No Level Limit!
    Don’t worry about ticket requirements, there is no ticket requirements, just need to join and you are all set!
  • LothLycanths
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    Loth Lycanths are looking for 8 casual but committed players. We are an independent F2P guild with 37 steady members currently.

    Running Raids:
    Tier IV Pit
    STR up to Heroic.
    HAAT when possible.
    We tailor Raids to fit needs of the guild.

    No chat app requirements. No farming requirements. Just try to complete your own daily achievements and have fun.

    U.S. Central Time Zone for resets and raids. Ally Code is 725-717-514.
    Drop me a request or search for Loth Lycanths. The guild is open to join.
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    Trayus Academy is recruiting new members. We range from new players to seasoned veterans.
    We are looking for members to participate in TB/TW.
    We are clearing raids on all Heroic Levels.
    Guild Requirements
    - Atleast one 7 star character to participate in heroic raids. (We can make exceptions for active players)
    - level 65+ to participate in guild events (Again, we can make exceptions for being active)
    - A minimum of 540 tickets a day.
    - New recruits must join our discord server. We communicate raid times and events exclusively in discord.
    - Also creating a account will help our strategies for TW/TB but not mandatory.

    We are 48/50 with some ticket alts to get some raids going. Right now we have 4 openings that we will consider. Join our discord if interested or if you have any questions.
  • Renegade Vikings -

    95 Million GP

    Officer - DieslowMOO
    Ally code - 868-743-612

    All raids 24 hr join period on Heroic. Pit on Sim. Guild Reset at 11:30pm UTC.

    TW - Win Most
    6* DS Geo TB
    29* LS Hoth

    Open to Join. Any level and GP welcome.

    Message me with any questions.

    Scruphy Nerpherders
    We are a 67M GP, casual but active Guild looking to grow and participate in Territory War.
    Our Guild is a laid-back crew who enjoy strategizing and getting the most out of the Galactic Power we have. We share to boost our newer players’ GP, and to get our stronger players that last vital piece of gear to level up.

    Where WE Stand:
    - The Pit - Heroic (We will help those who are working on 7-star Han Solo.)
    - Tank Takedown - Heroic (No restriction.)
    - Sith Triumvirate - Tier 6 (We are working on squads to make a run at HSTR, and would love for you to join us!)

    We don’t have many rules, but you must join Territory War – It’s time to test your mettle! We are stronger when we move together. Inactive players are removed after 2 weeks. Discord is not mandatory but if you have experience, we would love to expand into that part of SWGOH, as well. Most importantly – respect your fellow Guild members, and have fun!

    Come check us out- find us using our Guild's name or message me in game (Ground Yu – ally code 335-886-762). You can also DM me your ally code via Discord - Space Du#8366. Opportunity is knocking!
  • Is your name Mol Eliza? Fine.
    Do you not want to get on Discord? Wonderful.
    Do you want the perks of being in a guild without the hastle of being in a guild?

    Welcome to Jombo.

    My little sister got me into this game and made me start a guild so that we could raid together. However, with just both of us, it is just crazy getting enough raid tickets. And neither of us are getting enough tokens to use the guild store. I can't have her abandon the guild she wanted so I have to get the players to us!

    Our guild's name is Jombo. We don't need you to be good. We don't need you to constantly communicate. We don't need you to meet a minimum power requirement. We don't need you to have a name. We just need you to be decently active.

    My ally code is 699-499-923. Welcome home.
  • Come join the Bootyy hunters we are a new guild looking for members to grow with. We currently have a small group of active players. We are trying to grow so we can do mor content so come join and have fun! Look forward to growing together

    Ahch-to is a newly formed academy guild of The Republic. We are mainly composed of sub 1 mill gp players. Our goal is to guide young Padawan's in their journey through the universe. There are spots open to join our wonderful community to learn and have fun. We are part of The Republic alliance and have all the resources accompanied by The Republic which will help us progress.

    Guild Rules :
    Raid times are 8pm UTC/3PM EST
    Payout is at 11:30 pm UTC/05:00 EST
    600 Tix required
    Participation in Territory Battle and Territory War is a MUST
    - Active listening for instructions on discord.

    All raids start at 2000 UTC/1500 EST
    Han, General Kenobi and Traya shards.

    Ideal candidates will have:
    - Focusing On toons for TB special missions
    -Genuine love for the game and desire to progress

    All applicants must provide SWGOH profile and you will get a response ASAP.
    Discord: Grymsted#6044 Feel free to PM me on discord or join our server and ask for me at

  • Swgoh_FireStorm
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    Echoes in the Force

    USA/Europe guild. 80M GP, 43 members.
    All raids heroic.

    We are a daily active casual guild looking for daily players who love the game and Star Wars universe.
    We do all heroic raids.

    If you want to play smartly, without stress or burnout, this is the right guild for you.
    We have a bunch of veteran members who like to help newer players and many new players who have started in the last 4 months.

    If you're interested, contact FireStorm#7772 on discord or send an ally request to 551-961-367.
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  • Jaykoavila345
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    Fallen NGHTs

    Started a new guild, I’m looking for two Officers to help me expand and strengthen the guild.
    All are welcomed here, but I am looking for players that are semi active I know we have lives and other things to attend to. Also an looking for people that are friendly and willing to have fun!

    Guild Name : Fallen NGHTs
    Hit me up on Jayavila#6499 on discord
    Send Ally request to 367-969-338

    My stats can be found by following the link below.
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  • Zintare
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    Galactic Republic of Dragons

    We are just starting up and are welcoming newer player to the game to join us for the ride to the top. As in everything, will take some time, but have several members willing to help learn. Our guild is currently open for joining and would like to see us grow to run all heroic raids as we progress.

    Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  • Guardians of Krayt

    new guild with low level players and all are welcome. we have a discord but it is not required to join, there will be helpful information about mods and team synergies that I will be posting shortly. wanting to help progress all players and maybe help older players bestow some wisdom on the newer guys.

    there is no activity or GP requirement, we are just enjoying the game. we do raids often but I am hoping to expand to do harder tier raids.

    Guardians of Krayt is accepting everyone and if you just need a place to stay for a little thats fine too.
    gonna start up soon looking for any players as long as you have drive, want direction help and advice. wanting to build a guild that brings terror in various gamemodes. also looking for leadership to join me in this.

    will be central mountain time
    I alone can solo heroic tank so if we get tickets you get the lewts
    need discord
    farming will be encourage but its a game to have fun so farm for fun.
    pls message me on discord Sedian#7609 for more and server link.
  • Are you tired of half dead guilds, people not contributing, and the inability to progress? Are you tired of everything being handled behind closed doors well? We at The Syndicate (SYN) believe everyone is important and everyone's opinions matter. We have a vast community, ranging from beginners to experienced and knowledgeable players. We are not your typical alliance. We are a family, and we look out for and take care of our own. Whether you're looking for a casual or hardcore guild, we've got you covered. Come join our family, and have access to our wealth of knowledge. We offer the opportunity to be a part of something bigger Join The Syndicate Today!!!
  • Kamino Royale II is the second installment of the higher level guild Kamino Royale. Kamino Royale II was created with you in mind! We have two of our leading officers from the main guild running this new player guild where we want to give all players an opportunity to grow in knowledge and strength while also becoming a part of our Star Wars community and offering a possible future placement in a higher end guild.

    We are just starting out and have plenty of room for everyone! :)

    If this is something you have an interest in, please join our discord and get to know us!
  • Hello there! We are Covenant øf the Force, sister guild to Covenant of the Force.
    We're a casual guild that was created to help guide newer players, but anyone of any gp looking for a more relaxed and/or learning environment is welcomed.

    What we offer:
    ->opportunity to do Heroic sith raid (with the help of mercs)
    ->Friendly environment for everyone to grow
    ->End game players with in depth knowledge about the game to help guide beginners
    ->HAAT, HPIT
    ->Alternating between t5 and t7 sith raid [with the help of mercs]
    ->Hoth TB: 19* dstb, 21* lstb
    ->High TW win ratio
    ->Light organization for TB and TW
    ->Raid times rotating between 10 am pst and 5 pm pst

    What we want from you:

    ->Participate (TW,TB, etc) as much as you can. Real life always comes first, but no leeches will be allowed either. profile not required, but highly encouraged.

    Our gg: øf the Force

    Send us a dm on Discord at GeneralZod#5218 or Mandalore_The_Legendary#1671
    Discord server:
  • Røøkie Wøøkies is the guild name. New group to the game.

    As stated in the little (perhaps ridiculous) rhyme, this is a new guild seeking new players looking to get stuck into lower tier raids, and after self/guild progression... the big mean Heroics :open_mouth: . We have a 500,000+ galactic power Officer in the guild, so more experienced members are welcomed, and their insight valued. The aim is to have the guild catering eventually to both Røøkie and seasoned Wøøkies.

    In-game contacts
    Ky Ryko (Leader): 971-117-996
    Fel Kern (Officer): 666-777-154


    Thanks for reading,

    Ky Ryko

    P.S. Guild Task resets @ 11.30 a.m. New York time, 4.30 p.m. U.K.
    Raids will be @ 2 p.m. New York, 7 p.m. U.K. (raid times negotiable)
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