Active Guilds Looking For Players - April 2020 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are an ACTIVE guild looking for players, post your ads here. An Active guild is one that:
  • Has minimum activity and/or participation requirements.

These are the guilds that are about camaraderie and fun but also about teaching new players and helping them progress further. Part of having fun means completing as much guild-related content as possible with varying degrees of importance on the level of that content. As such, members are expected to contribute their fair share to guild activities.

  • No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your waitlist, more awesomeness, etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • Your guild name
  • Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
  • Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
  • Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
  • What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
  • How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
  • Your guild's minimum activity/participation requirements
  • Minimum player level/GP and character requirements, if any
  • Anything else you feel is important for people to know

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  • Zhangster
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    Guild: Scruffiest Nerf Herders


    Guild Power: 170M
    Guild Members: 49/50

    We are looking for active players who have nice rosters with a minimum of 2M GP. We have a fun time in this guild. If real-life stuff comes up, we understand. We are very active and expect each member to contribute in every phase in TB and each TW.

    Guild Reset Time: 6:30 PM CST, 11:30 PM UTC

    Heroic Rancor, once every 2-3 days
    Heroic AAT, once every 3-4 days
    Heroic Sith Raid, once every 4-5 days

    Territory Battles:
    Light Side: 43 Stars
    Dark Side: We're not doing this TB.

    Dark Side: 20 Stars
    Light Side: 9 Stars

    My personal Info: (Contact me if you have further questions.)
    Recruiter: Zhangster
    My Ally Code: 814-177-546
    Discord Name: Admiral Thrawn#3384

    If I'm not available, you can also reach Kendry!
    His Discord Name: kendry#1069
    His Ally Code: 181-651-863

    If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in. :)
    Guild Discord Link:
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  • MECQ
    DS Geo 30* possibly 31 this time
    LS Geo 16* 17 in April
    Guild Reset 10:30 pm UTC
    Pit 18.00 CET, Tank 7:00 pm UTC, Sith 8:00 pm UTC
    600 Tickets
    Discord and required
  • Sunnie1978
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    Dark Sith of Endor DoE 29* DSGeo TB, 30 Wat shards, 12* LS Geo TB, 234 million GP, Heroic guild recruiting (47/50)

    Looking for 3

    Join Dark Sith of Endor DoE- 29*/12* DS/LS Geo TB, 30 Wat Shards and winning TW record guild is Now Recruiting! We are an independent guild with a longtime partnership with DoE, a top 100 guild. Two guilds both dedicated to Ewoks, theory crafting and beating new content as fast as possible. We are casual hardcore TB focused/TW optional guild- get 600 every day and participate is all we ask. You do not have to join TW, but if you do, you must participate. We offer high-quality advice to help you climb the area leaderboards for squad and fleet no matter what player type you are- FTP, whale or baby kraken! Theorycraft with the brightest minds in both guilds, including Scoundrel expert Clash No required character farms, mod swapping, or roster comparison booting. Join Dark Sith of Endor DoE now for low stress and high rewards!


    Very active international guild currently running T7 rancor and heroic tank raids. We are a very fun and friendly guild with a mix of whales, FTP, and guppies.

    Looking for players who are active daily, who have a minimum of 3.5 million GP higher and are active on Discord

    We require a daily 600 raid tickets or prior notice if you cannot do your daily (we have alt accounts that can cover guild members for vacations, work, etc and we understand that sometimes RL happens). Three misses without prior notice in a 30 day period will result in removal from the guild.

    We use the in-game auto launcher for all raids, so raids will launch at the posted times whenever there are enough raid tickets to launch (i.e. no set days for any raids)

    Sith raid details:
    HSith at 1 UTC (9PM EST) for a 24 hour join period and is run as a free for all.

    Tank raid details (All times are Eastern US time!):

    HAAT is automatically opened at 0 UTC (8PM EST) for a 24 hour join period and has a 40-minute hold on solos.

    Rancor raid details:
    Rancor Heroic Tier is on sim at 23 UTC (7PM EST). 24 hour join period before it sims.

    If interested, PM or Discord message:

    Discord ID:

  • We at Marauders of Malachor Seeks 1 Players who are Daily, and are a Min 3Mil GP with HSTR Viable Teams and willing to follow the attack plan we have in place to Complete and farm HSTR

    HPIT Sim
    HAAT on farm
    HSTR on farm

    GeoTB DS(14 with possible 17 Stars) (5 Wat Shards per TB expected to go up as more members get their bugs developed)

    HothTB LS

    Marauders of Malachor 49/50 members, 153Mil GP - PST Time Zone - Chat App: Discord
    (Leader) Lone Starr
    (Ally code) 479.114.599
    (Discord) Lone Starr#2199
  • kel_katarn
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    Looking for an ACTIVE but STRESS FREE guild??
    Look no further! We avoid a ton of rules and nonsense - but still grow and compete at a nice pace.
    We are looking for guys that can help in the Geo TBs right away. We're flexible on GP
    Contact me on Discord: kelkatarn#6390
  • 501st team

    We are an active guild looking for a few more members to help round out the squad. Through a lot of hard work, we are currently simming Pit (24 hour sign up), destroy tank, and run HSTR on a regular basis. We have all types of people and we all get along great.

    All members are expected to participate every day, enter into all TW and TB, and participate in raids, unless they get finished before you remember the time they start. We are hovering around the 10-star range in Geo TB and regularly destroy higher GP guilds in TW. We regularly wipe the floor with opponents.

    We do operate multiple in game text channels and run a discord for those interested. An important note is that we DO NOT require a discord account to join. We have plenty of tools there, and generally have fun there but again it is not required.

    Some expectations
    - Have at least 1mil GP
    - A good attitude

    Guild SWGOH: SWGOH:

    If you are interested, send me a message on one of the following links:
    - In game ally code: 463-744-256
    - Discord: AtreiNero#8955
  • TurtleOfDeath
    is an 196mil GP independent guild looking for an active daily player to fill out our ranks.

    • Family friendly guild, good natured, and social on discord and in-game chat.
    • Strong leadership and an active, engaged and motivated player base.
    • No strong farming requirements but our main goal is to advance in Geo TB, both DS and LS. We want players who can help us accomplish that goal!
    • 22 stars and 17 WAT shards on last DS GTB.
    • Expecting 9-10 stars in LS GTB. 9 stars last time.
    • We haven’t been running Hoth, but last time we did we were at 44 stars DS and 41 stars LS Hoth
    • Territory Wars we have 102-9 overall record, 10-1 in 2020.
    • All Heroic raids on farm.
    • HPIT simmed 2-3 times per week. 24 hour join
    • HAAT rotates between 10pm CST and 10am CST
    • HSTR rotates between 9am CST and 9pm CST
    • HAAT & HSTR have 12hr join period and free for all after that.
    • Active, engaged, motivated to do well and grow within the game.
    • Play daily, get 500+ tickets every day
    • 3.9mil GP or higher, relic squads, building on squads and toons for GEO TB (LS and DS)
    • Must use discord, and follow guild directions given in game and via discord.
    • Join all raids. Battle for better rewards if you want.
    • Be active in TW and TB. Advancing in GEO TB and continuing to win in TW are major goals for our guild
    • Real life happens! If you are going to be absent, let an officer know
    • Have fun, be social and respectful. Ask for help if you need it, and help others when you can
    Ready to join? Questions? DM me on Discord for more information and next steps! swepper08#1398
    Guild page:
  • Def1974
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    We are now full GP 192 mil. Leave me a msg if you are interested and I will contact you once we need members again.

    It’s Not A TRAP(GP 178 mil)
    We’re looking for 3 members of at least GP 3 mil or very focused squads.
    TB Geo dark 19* and 9 wat shards
    TB Geo light 9*
    Most members get 600 tickets but it is not focused on.
    We use in game chat only.
    WE NEED YOU so hurry up and join.
    You can contact me Def1974
    Ally code 428-548-691
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  • We have 2 members stepping down after tb and are looking to fill those spots. We are super laid back and only ask for the bare guild minimum. Any questions join our discord or message me directly.

    We are Bobaz Bootyhunterz

    - 223 mil gp 49/50
    - Max star DSTB/LSTB
    - 27 star GEO TB/ 13 DSTB
    - Looking for 2 members
    - 22 Wat shards (close to more)
    - Independent guild no alliances
    - Raid reset time 8:30 CST
    - We run full HEROIC raids that are ffa.

    What we would like from recruits
    - Daily 600's
    - 4+ mil gp (exceptions can be made for more focused rosters that are at least over 3mil)
    - Focus on Geo tb. So bugs, droids, separatists, etc. (We won't be **** about it we want you to still have fun it just so happens most of the best teams help in TB)
    - TW ready squads/and able to follow instructions
    - Focus on meta squads ( f2p is perfectly okay)
    - Drama free when interacting in game and discord
    - Ready for a chill time

    Message me here or discord
  • sledge7088
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    Cantina Cover band is looking for 5 active players. We are a relaxed guild at 170 mil. To join you need to have 2 mil GP and be an active player.
    We know real life happens and always comes first. If you are going to be inactive for more than 5 days let someone know.
    Be respectful to other guild mates and have fun.
    If you sign up for TW you must get 90 banners and participate on both offense and defense.
    We do all heroic raids. We sim the Pit with tank and HSTR is at 6:00pm CST.
    We do Geo Dark TB and have done the last 2 Geo Light Side.
    We use guild chat for most communication but do have a discord site if you want to join.
    If you are interested message me here or on discord at HC#5160
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  • mime60
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    Our guild, Bobas Bootyhunters, is looking for new players.
    We are active, but relax, all activities:
    171m+ GP
    Raid Time - 6pm GMT
    Raids: all heroic with 24 h join period, HPIT simmed
    Territory Battles: Geo
    GP 1,8m+ or a good rooster
    be active

    Questions? You want to join? Send me a message.
  • Mutiners without fears

    1 space ....low turnover of players

    172mil but relaxed. No rules other than playing regularly and following TW and TB instructions

    Ideally looking for a player with gp of 3m+ or a focussed roster

    Raids 7.30pm uk time

    Geo Tbs

    Good tw strategy and record

    Contact me on here or in game if any questions. Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • Canadian Loyalist Alliance


    145+ mil Guild GP 45/50 active members Average GP: 3.2mil

    Complete all heroic raids. Heroic Rancor simmed (2x weekly), Heroic AAT launched at 8pm UTC (2x Weekly) and Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid is launched when there are enough tickets. All raids have a 24 hour join period.

    We currently get 40*+ in both Hoth TB’s (Super close to getting max stars) and 13-15* DS Geo TB with a couple of Wat Shards.

    Who we are: A guild based within the US and Canada but have members from around the world. We are a casual but very active guild. We understand that life has its ups and downs and will and should always be #1. We have no farming requirements with the only rules to follow are the commands set for TW and TB, that there should be no zeroes for either event and to get 400+ daily tickets. Discord is not required but is highly recommended for strategy and tips and tricks.

    What we are looking for: Level 85 players with 2+mil GP who are active daily with rosters focused for TW and TB. We also accommodate for those who have a very refined roster and good farming patterns as well, just get in touch with us.

    SWGoH guild page:

    Come join our continuously growing and interactive guild. Contact through the forum, in game (227-965-785) or you can message through discord (ArcheAngel#7559).

    A competitive, up-and-coming, third guild of a 3 guild alliance. This is a great group of people with a treasure trove of knowledge and information.

    • 111 mil GP - 47/50
    • Guild refresh is 6:30pm EST
    • All Raids are in the evening US time
    • Joining our discord is mandatory
    • Syncing your account with is highly encouraged
    • TB and TW participation is mandatory
    • Be active - 600 tickets a day is the goal

    • Seps, Padme, and Shaak Ti teams.

    - Raids - Fully Heroic, 24 hour join period, evening time US

    -TBs - No Hoth
    • DS - Geo - 12+☆
    • LS - Geo - 6+☆

    We all have real lives outside of this game and realize life comes first. We're fun, friendly, and awesome and you should join us.

    Ally Code: 499-415-487
  • Binxy
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    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 206m

    Geo LSTB: 12/36 (KAM Shards = 1+)
    Geo DSTB: 30/33 (Wat Shards = 30+)
    Hoth LSTB: 45/45
    Hoth DSTB: 48/48

    HPIT: 8pm BST (on sim)
    HAAT: 9pm BST (on farm)
    HSTR: 10pm BST (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    The Brōtherhood of Darkness is a fully heroic independent guild focussed on Geonosian Territory Battles and Territory Wars. We are now recruiting players with a minimum GP of 4m, who are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.

    Top players and collaborative environment - feel free to send me a message on discord if interested.
  • Goonie0017
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    Fulchrum 146M GP; Central European Time
    Discord (optional):

    All raids 24h/join. hSTR & hAAT - FFA; hPit (sim)
    DS Geo TB: 14* (very close to 16*) Wat Tambor shards: 7 (expecting more in the future runs)
    LS Geo TB: 7*
    TW (98W:4L)

    1 rule: if you join the TW, you must contribute your best

    Looking for active players, GP irrelevant but must have at least 2 decent squads (gear XII or higher, zetas, good synergy...), focused roster preferred.

    pm me here (@Goonie0017) or via Discord (Goonie#0017); or request to join in-game
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  • Marqves
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    PTA SWH is an established European guild. We are fully heroic and reached a moment that we are only looking for TB & TW focused players. We do not want to change our mentality, so we are looking for 1 like minded player, who is community active and can embrace a project where work and commitment are needed. We have a solid group of 49 players, that are very focused on the game and that will welcome and support you.

    -We are 182M GP with 49 players
    -HSITH (2xweek)
    -Discord to communicate
    -28K raid tickets produced daily
    -1 Spot to fill (needs to be 3 M GP+, top 200 on arena or top 20 on fleet)
    - Having a good GEO team is a +
    - 25* on GEO TB
    - 99% win ratio on TW. We lost 3 in 12 months
    -16 Wat Tambor shards per TB

    5 reason why you should join us instead of an even bigger guild?

    1 .We are against a strict set of rules. We embrace the KISS strategy (Keep it simple, stupid). So we just have two rules. Punishments are soft & easily avoidable, and we try to make polls about all major decisions regarding guild progression.

    2 .Leadership has been playing together for 2,5 years. Very stable.

    3 .Doing 600 is not even a rule, if you enjoy the game and embrace the guild spirit you will do them almost all the time.

    4 .We have discord and you need to have it too. It's not mandatory to chat all days, but you need to check from time to time what is happening, especially on TB and TW days.

    5.We are all like minded and have the same objective. We are not recruiting guildhoppers, we have a long history with the same players and we want to continue on building this group and not have a brief experience. If your objective is to rank 1st on HSITH only and not grow as a group, please don't contact. Sending your is important, but explaining what brought you to us is what will give you that spot.

    · Raid info:

    Raid at 8 PM GMT / 9 PM CET

    Message us:
  • Come join the Lincoln Limeys!!

    We are a UK based guild with an international flavour looking to recruit between 3 and 5 members. Current guild GP: 93mln 48 (members)

    We are very friendly and active with our approach to the game. We also enjoy helping the newer players with less GP level up quickly.

    Are you an up and coming player looking for a home to make the next step up? Are you a more experienced player sick and tired of strict rules in other guilds and just want a more friendly and fun experience? Then we are definitely the guild for you!

    Our guild reset time is 6.30pm British Time.

    We do very well with territory wars and win the majority of them.

    We are looking to grow and expand and want you along on the ride with us.

    Our requirements are 1. be fairly active and have fun 2. Have GP of at around 1 million (if less you would still be considered just message me)

    All our raids are heroic!

    We currently run DS Geo TB (9 stars last time around) and LS Hoth TB (30 stars this last try(

    I guarantee that you will enjoy your time with us in the guild.

    My ally code is 211-831-999

    My discord is shalabolic#3969
  • Join The Republic
    As a family of 17 guilds from around the world, we’re a dedicated community that works together for the benefit of each guild family. From the days of hPIT and hAAT til now, the Republic is an established community est. in 2016 that also were early achievers in the heroic Sith raid with a new focus on conquering Geo TB! Did your guild get stomped on the last TW? Come join the Republic for TW/TB oriented guilds!!!

    • Guilds 175-275 mil GP.

    • Brand new Training guild for new players.

    •Casual guild for any level player.

    • Regular TW full board clears & regulars on the TW leaderboards!

    • Range of time zones across the world

    • TW & TB focused guilds alike

    • Up to 30 DS GEO TB stars, 16 LS Republic TB stars and 45 Wat Tambor shards.


    We're confident you can find your new home with us! Pop on by and chat with us at

  • Smorc'em
    167 mil gp

    We are looking for 1-2 dedicated players to improve with us.

    It would be nice that you have at least 2.5 mil gp lower more focused rosters are acceptable.

    What we can offer:
    Hpit 18:00 utc
    Hsith 19:00 utc
    Haat 20:00 utc
    Geo tb 17* 10 wat shards
    Ls hoth 42* Ls geo 8* democratic elections on which one we do the majority wins equal votes for everyone
    Tw 70% wins

    All in all things are pretty relaxed we will not force you to farm anything or to chase after the meta. What we ask is that you contribute to the guild.

    If you are interested feel free to contact me here or ingame my ally code 199-179-416.

    May the force be with you
  • Servants of Honor

    GP: 112 Million GP

    We are currently looking for more members for our guild. We are extremely active in discord which is a must for those interested. Our members span the globe, so anyone is welcome to join barring you meet requirements below. We hope to see and chat with you in the guild!!!

    Raids: Fully Heroic Guild
    Territory Battles: DS Geo 12* LS Geo 5*
    Territory Wars: >95% Win rate
    REQUIREMENTS: 1.5 Million GP, join Discord, 600 Raid tickets daily, and active in TB/TW.

    My ally code: 386-926-741 Message for invite

    Looking forward to seeing you in the Guild!!!!

    ET Jokerz
  • Girder
    46 posts Member

    LEGACYofTYTHON is now recruiting!

    We’re a 250m casually competitive independent guild. That means we don’t force anyone to farm/gear specific toons, but we expect full participation and maximum effort from our members during guild events and that people will work towards the guild goals on their own accord, in the way they want.

    We have a fantastic community with members ready to help and support each other, a community that always gives 100% and likes to chill together.

    We can offer you:
    🔹All Heroic Raids (9PM GMT)
    🔹GEO: 14/29* and +35 Wat shards/2 KAM
    🔹A decent TW record
    🔹An active and friendly community

    We’re looking for:
    🔹4.5m+ GP
    🔹TB oriented player
    🔹500+ tickets and daily participation
    🔹Full participation in TB/TW
    🔹Active on Discord

    If you like what you just read or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me here on Discord!

  • Mik_Prat_Rel
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    Scruffylooking Nerfherderz, 205M GP looking to replace 1 or 2 — discord: 7TMMKkZ


    Scruffylooking Nerfherderz is an independent guild with great camaraderie. We are friendly, supportive, focussed on having fun, and looking for daily players. We do not micro-manage, but we expect you to be a good player for yourself and for the guild. We have a great discord for resources. We also have a Facebook group. Neither is required, but reading in-game chat is. 

    • GP —205M, 50/50 members — Looking to replace 1 or 2.

    • Raids — All Raids are heroic tier with a 24-hour join period.
    - Pit Raids — These are auto-SIMmed at 6:30 PM UTC. (Guild Activities Reset)
    - HAAT & HSTR — These are auto-launched at 7 & 8 PM UTC.
    - Please join all Raids.

    • TB — Territory Battle participation is a must. At a minimum, one must deploy their full GP daily and coordinate on Platoons.
    - DS Geo — 20 ⭐️
    - LS Geo — 8 ⭐️

    • TW — 57% wins (13/23) since October! If you join a Territory War, you must participate measurably by placing squads on defense according to guild strategy and earning banners.

    • Tickets — 600 per day preferred, or at least 450, please.

    About you:

    • 4m+ GP (and / or highly focussed roster)
    • Daily player (450-600 tickets)
    • Focussed on advancement
    • Farming for LS Geo

    Discuss an invite on discord:

or contact Mik Prat Rel#9897 


    Who's Scruffylooking? Come say hello and give us a try!
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  • Mik_Prat_Rel
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    Galaxy of Galactic Padawans, 44M GP, HAAT on farm, discord: 7ptVseU

    If you're looking for a friendly and awesome guild, look no further!

    About us:

    Part of an alliance* of guilds (Lazy Chiss Warriors), we’re 41 players at 44M GP with HPit & HAAT on farm. You can expect a very friendly, helpful atmosphere with an active in-game chat, a very active multi-guild discord. We have a mix of hyperdrive & non-hyperdrive accounts, new players and the alt accounts of long-time players.

    Raiding — Heroic Rancor Pit / HAAT will launch when tickets have been acquired. Sith Tier 5
    LS Hoth — 16 ⭐️
    DS Hoth — 18 ⭐️
    TW — 89% wins (8 of 9 so far)

    About you:

    - Min 800K GP
    - 450 to 600 raid tickets daily
    - Discord is preferred!

    If interested or you have questions, join our discord:

    or contact: Mik Prat Rel#9897 or Shadowz of deathx#5057

    We look forward to hearing from you!
    *not looking for mercs, thank you.
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  • Barrix
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    Guild: The Dark The Light The Grey (
    GP: 129 mil
    Reset Time: 23:30 UTC

    Raids: Fully Heroic
    Last TB performance:
    DS Geo 4/1 13* & 5 Wat shards
    LS Geo 4/16 7*
    TW: Very competitive with an all-time record of 51-13 and a current 14 match win steak

    We are an active alliance with a strong core looking to fill some spots with like-minded players. Guild activity participation is required (TB/TW). Discord is encouraged but not required. Minimum 2.5 mil GP.

    Contacts: Guild Discord server
    Discord contact - Barrix#1002
    Ally code - 525-964-522
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  • Wizards_Poster_Yoda.jpg

    The Land of Lame alliance is recruiting!

    We're part of a small social alliance called Land of Lame. We've got an active Discord server and a very helpful community.

    The new TB is the focus of the larger guilds. Wizards last got 19 stars and 10 Wat shards and we're still making progress. In light side, we finished with 9 stars. We do not have any mandatory farms.

    HPit is on sim, HAAT and HSTR are on free-for-all farm with an 8 PM EDT start time. 6:30 PM EDT for Knights of Exodus. Team Marvel Wins is currently running hPit and HAAT for newer players.

    Participation requirements are as follows, unless a notice of absence is given:
    * 300 tickets daily (600 is expected)
    * Full participation in Territory Battles
    * TW participation
  • The_Dude1
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    Just taking it easy
    Were a fully heroic guild looking for new members. We run both Geo TBs and have steadily improved each go round. We do rotate hoth in on the light side for those improving malak or gas. Raids start at 8pm eastern. Feel free to message PM me here or in game. Ally code: 839287322
  • New starter guild (UK)
    -looking for active players of any level( preferably lower levels)
    -high level would leaders/officers willing to offer advice and help whenever needed.
    -will start raid quilds as soon as possible catered to the lower levels in the guild.
    - if interested search for ‘beep beep boop’
    - - we look forward to helping you!

    -209m+ GP Guild
    -Dedicated and experienced leadership
    -All Heroics Raids EU & US friendly:
    Pit - 18:00 UTC, Tank 17:00 UTC, Sith 19:00 UTC.
    -Very successful TW record. We have won 90%+. We are dedicated and have a great strategy.
    -TB we do DS & LS Geo. We have shown continuous improvement and are focused on farming adequate teams.
    DS Geo TB - 22⭐️; LS Geo TB - 8⭐️
    -A fun and competitive environment. We like to refer to ourselves at “Casually Competitive”.
    What we ask of you:
    -3.5m+ GP with competitive squads
    -Be active. Although we aren’t going to boot you for missing your daily 600 tickets, we strongly encourage it.
    -Participate. Join and contribute to TW, be prepared to set offense &/or defense. Contribute to each phase of TB. Contribute to raids.
    -Communicate. Again, we value real life so if you will miss an event or are away from the game just let us know.
    -We are part of THE SENATE Alliance which has an alliance wide Discord server. We have our own channel within this server but there are plenty of other resources available here. Be a part of the community, meet people from other guilds, share and learn with others.

    There are many guilds out there that want or need to fill a spot. We feel that we offer more than just a place to play a game. We are family. We are compassionate. We strive to make everyone better. We enjoy the camaraderie that competition brings. So, if you want to just play a game and that’s it then maybe we aren’t the place for you. But if you want to be in a place where you can grow, you can make a difference and you will be valued for your efforts then we would be happy to have you. Feel free to ask questions or contact us.
  • Guild: Galatic Civil Empire
    180MIL + GP
    -We are currently focusing on LS Geo (10* & DS Geo (22*+)
    -15+ Wat Shards
    -Guild raid times – HSTR and HPIT 4:00 PM PST (7:00 PM EST, 11:00 PM UTC). HAAT is 1 hour later.

    -TW/TB (When members are busy IRL, we have them go full defense for TW, we aren't insane people)
    -Discord & (We actually want real people, not someone who lurks and never participates in chats, we're a family as well!)
    -500+ Tickets

    -Join all raids, if not, you're missing out on rewards to bolster your roster!

    GP Requirements:
    -Case by case Basis. (We average about 3.5 mil gp/member, so that's a good ballpark)

    Interested in checking us out?
    Or message me directly:
    Discord: JShadow5757#0335
    (Please do not message me here, I do not check my messages)
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