How are the GLs in the HSTR

I don't have them but am curious to see how they do in the HSTR


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    Ah - yes I was going to ask the same, so am glad to see your post. JTR was designed for this Raid, so will be interested to hear how she gets on with GL Rey and the other high relic Resistance team needed to unlock GLR.
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    There is a screenshot going around of Hux lead with GL Kylo, FOO, Thrawn and Traya doing a full solo. 170 million ish damage. But people think it’s fake because the toons do more damage than the total. Which is supposedly not possible. Heck, in the pic Kylo does 171 million alone.

    There is more reliable video of the team doing p1, p2 and part of p3.

    Edit: people now believe the full clear could be real. Damage done to Nihilus while he had protection counts for your toons but towards the total raid damage.
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    But hits while debuffed against Nihilus causes protection regen in P1 and P4. You're still causing damage on screen but it heals him. Hence people posting screens when STR first came out of teams doing 100k each member but a posted score of 0.

    Ps - Ahnald has a video up of him attempting it. He messed up against Traya at the end but said it took him a total of about 25 minutes. Almost as fast as a HAAT solo.
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