Arena Shard: iN Marshall, Merioon Valhoun, thedrivingcat, Tavomunk, iN Badcat, Sarlaac, Hyperlite

Looking to get into arena shard chat. allycode: 646-867-567

Shard is from like 2017 orso, not sure and can't find out when.


  • Bump.

    I got into 2nd spot and the two Team Instinct dudes iN Marshall and iN Badcat immediately knocked me down as soon as they could. Got my rewards for #2 anyways but if anyone can reach out to the guys mentioned in title that would be much appreciated! Cheers
  • MaruMaru
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    You can do that from easily. You can also pm them ingame.
  • HolyDarkblade
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    Good news is I got to talk with them and we came to an agreement. Cool beans.
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