Character training Q

On the home screen on the left is the character tab button. It says 3+ which seems to indicate that characters need training. But when I go in I don't see any training that needs to be done.

I have no training droids, no shards, no equipment to upgrade, etc... I can't see what any character needs done to them that I am missing.

Any idea what they think I should be doing or is this a bug?


  • There may be characters skills to be updated, did you check?
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  • In reading the rest of the forum I have found the issue. Embedded in the crafting was stuff that needed to be done. It was often multiple layers deep in the crafting.
  • I have the same issue with the 3+ showing but I can't figure out why. I think I have looked into every place for training but can't find anything. How do you get to the crafting area you were talking about
  • I'm wondering the same thing where it's located.
  • I have seen when one is needed to be crafted it shows up as green plus the same way it shows as you have the item that is needed for that character in that slot. The difference would be that instead of saying equip, it shows the craft button the right side and if ready you craft then equip.
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