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So I am newly back to the game after a long while. Basically this 2 months at home from this outbreak had the boredom suck me back in. I started playing at the games inception and was quite competitive then when the speed meta was king. I would regularly finish top 5 in arena then. To give you an idea, I quit right around the time Raids and Guilds first came out before ships were released. I was inactive for 3+ years. Alot has changed, but I was happy to see my account still had my old characters. Over the last week I have been becoming a bit familiar with all of the new content, but would like some input on a good direction to go with what I have now to better maximize potential going forward.

My arena team was as follows, all 7* and lvl 85 now sitting at 606 on squad arena, and I think that's as far as I can reliably push it:

QGJ lead g12
OG Yoda g12
Scavenger Rey g11
Lumi g12
Royal Guard g10 (who is apparently about useless now)

Other toons are as follows, lvl 80-85 and 7*:
Greedo g11
Phasma g12
5's g9
OG Kylo Ren g8
Stormtrooper Han g8
Admiracl Ackbar g8
Darth Sidious g8
Barriss Offee g8
Teebo g8
Jedi Consular g8
Eeth Koth g8
Biggs g8
Old Daka g9

I am also close on farming and could promote:

OG Leia
Boba Fett
OG Lando
Mace Windu
Darth Vader

Any insight would be appreciated, and also any importance with my roster and potential moves going forward to help synergize with fleet battles would help. I am in what seems to be in a decently active guild and was F2P. However, I did purchase the hyperdrive bundle to get me back in the game, so I do have a bunch of 80 5*s I could bring up from that bundle.

I am also looking for a guild that is active daily if anyone is interested. My GP is a little over 900k at the moment.

Again, I appreciate any input. May the force be with us all in these strange times.


  • Waqui
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    Since you stopped playing before ships were introduced I would recommend that you go all-in on developing your pilots to attempt reaching top-50 in fleet arena for that extra daily crystal income. Farm any bountyhunters ship as soon as you gain access to them. You will need all 4 to unlock Han's Falcon which is a major milestone. You will also need 5 Dark Side ships at 4* or better and 8 ships of any alignment at 5* or better to gain access to the zeta ability material challenge. Zeta materials are important for your characters.

    Your climb in squad arena Wil be VERY slow and you may feel like stalling for weeks before taking your next step ahead. For now I believe you could work on a jedi team with Bastilla lead.

    I saw you only got 2 separatists from the hyper drive bundle. Do you have any other from back when you played years ago? GS, Poggle f.ex.? If you could collect 5 separatists, you could unlock Padme and build a Padme + Galactic republic team which will good in arena. Ahsoka and JKA are great for that team. Also find a guild that farms heroic AAT tank raid regularly. This raid rewards shards for general Kenobi, another great addition for your Padmé team. Nute gunray is a great separatist for Padmé's event.

    You should check out the journey guide to see which characters are required to unlock various legendary characters.
  • Thanks! I actually do have all the shards to 7* Poggle and GS would be an easy farm. I will definitely check out that journey guide closer. Good advice for the fleet stuff too. Ill get to work on those bounty ships!
  • @FishinBen you really should pursue a better game that you can stick with. I took 1.5 off and am permanently behind, F2P. There is no way to catch up without $$ and make it to the top in squad or fleet. You will always be behind in mods at least. People will say otherwise, but I'm a daily player that did it. I'm at 100 arena and 160ish fleet. Only after being back 1.5 years am I where I am at with an R7 CLS team. You're just permanently handicapping yourself with a game that you already quit and most recently underwent 1 of the biggest cluster duck releases of "new content" in mobile game history according to either Ahnaldt101 or CubsFan
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