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  • 180/330 about to do the first 50 shard tier today once "Any Energy" starts.

    Predict in just over a week it'll be done. Unfortunately I'm short just over 100 Kyro Prods to go straight to G13 R7 on unlock. Everything else is sitting ready: stun guns, left side pieces, relic mats and signal data.

    My only question is modding: have an offense/health set that's about 110-115 speed once it's sliced to 6E. Should give plenty of offense and plenty of health.

    Or I swap my (currently) +159 speed Crit chance/speed set off my current arena CLS. It has tons of extra offense, he's currently at +2,271 physical damage.

  • @Vendi1983

    The general consensus is to go Health + some offense.

    You're going to need speed 510+ for the Ultimate tier (before the leadership is factored in), but after that minimum is met, health and offense are higher priorities than maxing out the speed.

    So I'd go with your +110-115 set, but that's a personal opinion from someone who hangs around #11-20 in Arena. You might get better advice from the peeps who take first every day.
  • Beat T1 twice. SHOULD have beaten it a third time (the first time) but I used some strategy I saw in a video and it was dumb and didn't work....... Holdo all the way. Daze for days, foresight for everyone, more AoE to spread and crack Exposes. Been going Rey, BB8, New Finn, R2, easy.

    I'll start doing a refresh a day for more tokens. I was slow-playing it while I farmed a bunch of characters from Dark nodes. Time to speed it up a little is all.
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    I have gone Resistance first, but I'm also farming Sith Trooper and Hux.

    JTR, Finn, and RT are done
    Scavenger Rey is R2, BB-8 is R4
    Poe is G12 +5, RP is G12 +3
    Holdo is G11 +4, Rose is G10 +5, Chewie is G8 +5
    Hero Finn 19/85 G8 +5, Hero Poe 14/30 G9 +4, Raddus 40/65

    Not actively working on FO per se, but they are on my list

    KRU G12 +4, Kylo G12 +3, ST G12 +1, Phasma G11 +5, FOO G11 +5, Hux 24/100 G10 +5, Sith Trooper 10/85 G8 +5, FOE G11 +5, FOTP G11 +3, FOSTP G8 +4, Han G8 +4, Palpatine G12 +3, Finalizer 30/65

    Here is my update about a month later:

    JTR, Finn, RT, Scavenger Rey, Poe, RP, and Raddus are done
    BB-8 is R5
    Holdo is G12 +5, Rose is G12 +1, Chewie is G9 +4
    Hero Finn 60/100 G10 +4, Hero Poe 7/85 G10 +1

    Not actively working on FO per se, but they are on my list

    KRU G12 +5, Kylo +3, ST G12 +3, Phasma G12 +1, FOO G11 +5, Hux G11 +5, Sith Trooper 74/85 G8 +5, FOE G11 +5, FOTP G11 +3, FOSTP G8 +4, Han G8 +5, Palpatine G12 +4, Finalizer 60/65

    I haven't spent any crystals except for refreshes at this point. Gear has been the biggest bottleneck so far. Since I'm still farming toons, I figure I don't need to spend crystals on gear yet.

    Slowly getting there:

    JTR, Finn, RT, Scavenger Rey, Poe, RP, Raddus, BB-8, Holdo, Rose, Hero Finn are done
    Chewie is R2, just need a few more relic pieces to finish him.
    Hero Poe 62/100 and have the last piece crafted for G12 once he hits 7*

    For FO:

    KRU G12 +5, Kylo G12 +3, ST G12 +3, Phasma G12 +2, FOO G11 +5, Hux G12 +3, Sith Trooper G10 +4, FOE G12, FOTP G11 +4, FOSTP G9 +4, Han G8 +5, Palpatine G12 +5, Finalizer done

    GL Rey G9 +4

    KRU R6, Kylo G12 +3, ST G12 +3, Phasma G12 +2, FOO G11 +5, Hux G12 +3, Sith Trooper G11 +4, FOE G12 +1, FOTP G11 +5, FOSTP G12 +1, Han G11 +3, Palpatine G12 +5, Finalizer done

    Making progress:

    GL Rey R7 3/10 ultimate pieces

    KRU, Hux, and Finalizer are complete
    Kylo R2, ST R2, Phasma G12 +3, FOO G12 +1, Sith Trooper R1, FOE R1, FOTP G12 +1, FOSTP G12 +1, Han G12 +3, Palpatine R3
  • Nice work, Ed!

    I'm very much slow-farming Rey's Ultimate, but I collected JKLS. I know, he's not the subject of this thread, but that's why I am not further along with SLKR -- and now that new GLs are announced, I'm waiting to see them in use before I commit to one or the other. Just gearing JKLS & my KAM team right now, with other gear stockpiled for whatever GL I go for later.
  • Only 23 Kyro prods to go for the G13 finisher. Then it'll be activate and straight to Relic 7!


    Massive thanks to everyone in the thread. It's been great and now it's on to the next big project. Just can't decide what that is.
  • @Vendi1983

    Conga rats!

  • @MasterSeedy it's so incredibly worth the effort.

    First test run? R7 Padmé team, which used to be untouchable for my old CLS arena team:

  • Looks like I might be able to unlock a GL in my lifetime. I haven't even been considering farming GL requirements until now so I’m glad to have a clear goal. mpcgunjqwezo.png

  • Bkb
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    Joining the party!

  • Nice work, @Bkb !

    Come on in! The water's fine.
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