Discussion about SWGOH, UFO/Paranormal, COVID-19, and more. Anyone is welcomed to join

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This invitation is open to anyone in the SWGOH community.

I have a public Discord server going with @RVDbandit and several other gamers. When it launched a little over a month ago, the main focal points were discussion on SWGOH and UFO/Paranormal, however the COVID-19 discussion has been the most active group by far. There's lots of varying opinions there. I update many of the current COVID-19 stats daily with comparisons to the previous day. There is no Guild Recruiting permitted on the server, so no worries of poaching members.
Discussion and debate is strongly encouraged, but not mandatory. The main goal is to get people thinking critically for themselves on the current issues and more; to keep an open mind, and to look at all sides of the discussion.
There are no rules other than the essentials: no racism/bigotry/hate speech, and no Guild recruiting on the server. If this sounds like a discussion and community you'd like to join, please feel free to do so with the link below:

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