When to really worry about mods

I am currently working on refining any gear 13 toon I have that are needed for major events or just that are frequently used moreso than others. I've been finding that a vast majority of my gear 13 toons are most likely in dire need of mod replacement due to how outdated or no good they are to the toon they are used on despite being fully sliced. Many of these toons never had their mods changed out when mod set swapping was becoming popular and I never really bothered to think of mods as anything more than backup power boosts while dealing with the gear crunch to reach gear 13. My typical mindset is to immediately start slicing mods on a toon the second they reach gear 12 but once a toon reaches gear 13 and all mods are sliced I get the mentality that the toon is the best it will ever be and avoid it like the plague unless it isn't relic 7 yet. My question is whether there is a good time or bad time to bother with mod slicing and if there is a time to be completely content with my toon the way it is. Sorry about length but with the galactic legends, light and dark side geo territory battles, and more difficult legendary events like general skywalker I've become more detail oriented about ensuring my toons are at peak performance without the need to constantly swap mods.


  • The mod hunt should (imho) be a constant focus - primary focus is always arena teams, then as you find better mods (or those that end up good, but not quite a replacement) handing them down to your raid and GAC/TW teams (plus making sure you have a set or 2 suitable for beating the special missions of whichever TBs your guild is running.

    I don’t see that you should ever shift focus away from modding until you have at least 16 teams ready to go for GAC offense/defense (plus any pilots in your offense and defense fleets that don’t overlap with character teams).

    So... once you have 80-90ish toons with near arena quality mods, then you can probably ease off the hunt a little -I’m hoping to hit that goal in another 3 or 4 years of playing!
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    If you use a toon no matter at any gear level, you should pay attention to modding which can make a significant difference. Modding is not about slapping as much speed as possible after all. I would suggest getting acquinted with and using grand ivory website. You can lock the toons that you are satisfied with their modding and deal with the rest with what the system offers you.
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