Team help for a lvl 53 F2P player

Hi guys! i´m a bit confused about where to go with my PvP team right now, can someone help me to choose? xD

I´m runing actually

Sidious 5* (70/85 to 6*)
Luminara 6*
chewi 5*
taila 4*
jawa 4*

They work well together, sidious hist hard and can get many hits without die, lumi hits very hard and heal a lot, and chewi can keep everyone focusing on him while lumi/taila turn comes to heal everyone xD

By the moent both taila and jawa are usefull too, since taila can put dots who added to the sidious ones are a great tool to deal with high HP chewi/barris, also she can heal if it´s needed and Jawa hits very hard (2000 no-crit with base skill) but sadly he have very low HP.
But i´m really near to get Dhaka instead of taila and vader instead of jawa (almost same speed than jawa, double HP and hits almost as hard as jawa).

My main problem now is to decide between to follow farming chewaca from cantine until he gets 7* or to swich to with kylo rem... by the moment i have 2 usefull but weak toons in my PvP squad (taila and jawa) and my team would lose a lot of its potential if i miss chewaca taunt, it will mean they would die much easyest in the first round making me to lost the battle. But once i get both dhaka and vader with much more HP to replace them and also with 2 true healers (not like now with lumi and suiciding taila xD) maybe i don´t need anymore a taunting toon...

I also have mace windu 4* (average DPS but very tanky, sadly i think he´s a bit slow for PvP and have no taunt :D)
and phasma 3* both gear 7

Asuming Sidious, luminara, vader and dhaka as a must in my PvP squad, what do u think it will be better for my 5th slot in my PvP squad for defense?

-still Chewaca to taunt and to make even harder to kill this anoying dhaka and my heavy hitters in the first/second round. Also self heal, dhaka/lumi heal will make Chewi survive easyli.

-Phasma who gives great support to the squad and have a decent HP, she can´t hit hard (still a bit more than chewi) but she can give me a big advantage in the second round making all my other 4 toons attack hardest and before the enemy with this 40% more turn metter. In adition i´m near to make lumi 7* and to tier phasma will be really easy through cantina shipments xD

-kylo rem, but his description doesn´t impress me a lot, is he really worth? how hard can he hits? how high is his survivability? is he fast enough to attack before the enemy like sidious/lumi?
I think he can gets vader place once poor vader gets outclased due to his eternal 4* curse xD but by the moment i doubt if kylo would make my squad better than phasma/chewi.

-Another option would be to change chewi with Han solo, because paying atention to his description this Han could be devastating manipulating turn metters, and he could give me same advantage than phasma making my other 4 toons attack first in the second round (after geting turn metter everytime han get hitted) and also he can keep the fire out of the rest of my team like chewi, but it would take some time until i get sidious to 7*... (i could survive with chewi while i chase han xD). Also han is quickest than chewi and it mean he can use taunt before him xD but... have han enough HP to survive at least the whol first round like chewi? xD

-IG-88 after sidious in PvP shipments with high DPS and good sinergy with sid xD

-Another easy farmable suggestions accepted xD


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