SSB is ACTIVE and low pressure. 600 daily. 219m GP. Need 1 before TB!

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Sick of your guilds participation rate? Tired of seeing zeros on the board? Been trying to push a guild and just can’t do it anymore? Looking for a worldwide guild to diversify? Join us and worry no more! We got a fully active and organized group from all over! Great leadership and a discord that’s fun as hell. Come in, join the fun, and kick some **** with us. As an added bonus, free chille for 2 months for anyone over 5m gp. 3 months for those over 6m or with a GL.
Who we are:
SmokeSolo Blasters
Scoundrels, every one of us, even the women and children. Well, there’s no children but if there were...
DSG - 27 Stars - 35 wat shards.
LSG - 10 Stars - 1 kam
All raids Heroic - alternating between 4pm and 10pm est.
85% win rate in TW, 7 in a row
Habenero guild 🔥

What we’re looking for:
Currently full but could move someone for the right person.
4m +GP
Geo Tb teams ready, including geos for wat
Discord - @notifications minimum - really would rather have full participants in convo’s
Active daily - 600 tickets
Sense of humor - maybe most important cause we’re nuts.

If you got questions or you think you’re close, you can hit any of the following up on discord:
Or just join and ask
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